The Defining Moment Comprehensive Campaign transforms legal education. The quotes below illuminate how scholarship recipients have benefited from gifts to The Defining Moment Comprehensive Campaign.


Marina Lewis stands behind the Raba Building.

“Donors’ generosity has enabled me to not have to take out so many student loans. It created an opportunity for me to go to school and work less if needed. I can be a member of the mock trial team in the evening, study in the morning and work in the afternoon. I’m the chair of the Board of Advocates, which takes up a lot of time and is a lot of responsibility, because it requires us to network with local attorneys.” — Marina Lewis, J.D. Class of 2020, Deborah K. Melaas Scholarship

Kelly Phelps stands in the Law Success Center.

“It’s one more bill I can pay. I’m excited if I can find a dollar on the ground, so the money really goes a long way. I’ve worked every year while I’ve been in law school, about 15 to 20 hours a week. This semester, I have a judicial internship at the Fourth Court of Appeals, which means less income coming in and more stress, but the scholarship definitely helps alleviate that.” — Kelly Phelps, J.D. Class of 2020, Deborah K. Melaas Scholarship recipient

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