Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Registered Student Organization?

A Registered Student Organization (RSO) is any student organization that has been even registered with and/or recognized by the RSO Office.

Why Get Recognized?

Recognition grants students organizations the following rights and privileges:

  1. The ability to reserve rooms free-of-charge throughout the university;
  2. The benefit to receive mail in the Student Life Office;
  3. The priviledge of fundraising on campus including the opporutnity to apply for a Fiesta Oyster Bake Booth;
  4. The opportunity for recognition during the end of year RSO Awards;
  5. The right for members to list RSO involvement on their CollegiateLink co-curricular transcript;
  6. The opportunity to work closely with the RSO and SATP Office Staff, being afforded personal advising and the resources you need to reach your organizational goals.

What Happens After the Organization Gets Recognized?

In order for your organization to keep its status as a Registered Student Organization, you’ll have to keep the RSO Office updated each semester on membership rosters, officer rosters, and member GPA eligibility. You’ll also need to remain informed of important policies and procedures that are put in place to comply to RSO Risk Management policies. In addition, take advantage of the numerous opportunities such as: meetings, trainings, and programs to help student organizations meet their goals. Make your mark at St. Mary’s University!

What Happens If My Organization Was Recognized, But Not Anymore?

If your organization has been recognized on campus at some point and wishes to renew its status, a RSO Renewal form should be completed. Groups seeking re-instatement will follow the same timeline for New RSOs.