St. Mary’s University has so much to offer, and we want you to take full advantage of the many opportunities we have to offer. While academic achievement is the University’s top priority, co-curricular activities will enhance your academic education and contribute to your overall college experience. A decision to join a Greek organization is a lifetime decision that can provide endless rewards and a new window of opportunity for its members. Greek life opens a new window of opportunity for its members.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment (a.k.a. rush) is the process that Greek Letter organizations use to introduce their chapter to potential new members. Recruitment takes shape in many different formats. It can be a single event such as a barbecue or a series of events. These structured events give potential new members the opportunity to check out the different chapters and ask questions. Even if you aren’t sure Greek Life is for you, we encourage you to go through Recruitment. There’s no commitment. It’s a great way to meet people and gain a new perspective on Greek Life. Each organization follows a different recruitment format.

What do I have to do in order to participate in Recruitment?

In order to participate in recruitment, students must meet the minimum St. Mary’s membership eligibility requirement.

Affiliating or associating a student organization requires the completion of at least 12 hours (dual credit, APP credit and CLEP credit do not count toward this requirement) and at least a 2.0 last semester and cumulative grade point average. Previous semester grades must be based on full-time status (at least 12 hours taken within the same semester). Most organizations require a higher GPA.

If you are interested in joining Greek Life, you will be asked to fill out a recruitment application/grade release form, which allows us to check your eligibility. Transfer students and upperclassmen are usually eligible for Fall Recruitment. Transfer Students may need to submit their transcripts for verification.

Fall Recruitment is the “smaller” of the recruitment periods. Groups abide by the Greek Life Office recruitment regulations with the goal of having each potential member to get to meet all the respective groups and make the best decision for them individually. In the spring, the membership recruitment period tends to be larger and more structured for the purpose of helping newly eligible students (second-semester freshman) through the recruitment process. Each respective council plays a larger role in planning Spring Recruitment and works together to encourage young men and women to learn more about all social Greek organizations.

Can I join more than one Greek Letter organization?

It depends on which organizations you are interested in joining. Traditional social Greek Letter organizations limit your membership to only one social Greek Letter group. These chapters are members of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) or the College Panhellenic Council (CPC) and may include other Greek Letter organizations. You may however join a nonsocial Greek Letter organization in addition to a social Greek Letter organization. These organizations are service- or academic-based organizations. It is recommended that you do not affiliate or associate with more than one organization during the same semester. Your affiliation or association period will require a good amount of time, and it may not be wise to over-commit yourself.

How much does it cost to join a Greek Letter organization?

Each Greek Letter organization has different membership fees. On average they range from $195 to $300 per semester for active members. New members will pay a higher membership fee their first semester because of initial membership fees. On average, new member fees range from $217 to $475 for the first semester. Members may pay additional costs for t-shirts or events they would like to attend.

Don’t Greek organizations haze?

St. Mary’s University and the national chapter headquarters work together to educate Greek members of the hazards of hazing. Hazing is not permitted in any situation. All members will participate in an educational session on hazing and will receive a copy of the Texas Hazing Statute as well as their New Member Bill of Rights. Any student or organization accused of violating the Texas Hazing Statute will be referred to the Judicial Officer for an investigation and hearing. Those found guilty of hazing will be sanctioned by the University as well as their chapter’s national headquarters. Sanctions can range from fines to membership severance to expulsion from the University.

If I go through Recruitment, do I have to join?

Recruitment is gives you the opportunity to explore Greek Life without any commitment. Recruitment events give you the opportunity to check out what Greek Life has to offer. Once you go through Recruitment you may decide it’s not for you. That’s OK. You are not required to join any of the organizations you meet.

We want YOU to become involved!

The opportunities for sisterhood and brotherhood in Greek life at St. Mary’s are endless. Each Greek organization values scholarship, leadership, service and life-long friendship. These organizations provide excellent exposure to campus leadership opportunities, community service activities and scholarship programs. Joining a Greek organization is a decision that can provide endless rewards and numerous friendships, which will last long after your college days!