Texas lawmakers recognized St. Mary’s University Professor of Law Vincent R. Johnson at the state capitol on May 7 for his work in bringing attention to the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and read a resolution honoring the foundational document.

In 1215, England’s King John affixed his seal to the Magna Carta after being confronted by a group of barons desiring to protect their rights. The document later inspired American revolutionaries and was a precursor to the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.

Johnson has spoken about and published numerous pieces during the past year highlighting the landmark anniversary. His writing on the topic has been featured in the Texas Bar Journal article, “The Great Charter”; the San Antonio Bar Journal article, “The Magna Carta and the Expectations it set for Anglo-American Law”; and through two op-eds for the San Antonio Express-News, “The Magna Carta and Texas Ethics Reform” and “Rick Perry and the Lessons of the Magna Carta.”

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