The 15th Annual St. Mary’s University Research Symposium and Exhibition was held on April 9, 2014. Over 150 students participated in this year’s symposium and showcased the best of academic excellence and creativity.

The top three winners from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences were:

1st place: Shaquille Wolef for Considering the Future of Transportation in the U.S.: What Can We Learn From Brazil?

  • Examined the differences between transportation systems in the United States and Brazil and evaluated cultural differences that allow for contrast of support in each country’s transportation systems
  • Faculty Advisor: Mark Lokensgard, Ph.D.

2nd Place: Jazmin Schwerdtfeger for America’s Panama: Panamanian Protest Poems of American Presence

  • Analyzed two Panamanian protest poems protesting American presence in the Canal Zone during the 1960-70s using concepts of binary opposition and hybridity
  • Faculty Advisor: Mary Lynne Hill, Ph.D.

3rd Place (tie): Bailey Furgeson for How Did the Celtic Harp Become a Symbol of Rebellion? 

  • Analyzed history of the Celtic harp as an essential ingredient of Irish culture, performance-wise and politically
  • Faculty Advisor: Alice Kersnowski, Ph.D.

3rd Place (tie): Shalimar Dominguez, Sara Guarino and Cynthia Ramirez for Changes in Killer Whale Calf Social Interactions and Resting Strategies 

  • Investigated killer whale developmental changes involving mother-calf swims and social interactions with others
  • Faculty Advisor: Heather Hill, Ph.D.

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