Aaron Moreno, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History, has been awarded a $6,000 Summer Research Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).  This grant along with a St. Mary’s Faculty Research Grant will allow Moreno to complete research for his manuscript, a comparative study of two medieval indigenous Christian groups which resided in the formerly Muslim-ruled realms of Iberia and Sicily.

Two senior History majors, Charlie Lopez and Carlie Mathews, presented at the Western Social Science Conference in Albuquerque this semester. Lopez presented Superman vs. Spider-Man: How Comic Books Reflect American Culture and Mathews presented The Making of the Japanese Post-War Constitution.


In March, Heather Hill, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology and two students traveled to the 21st International Conference on Comparative Cognition in Florida. They presented research on learning and cognition of marine mammals, including sea lions and beluga whales.

Earlier this month, the annual Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA) conference was held here in San Antonio.  Patricia Owen, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Psychology, and Heather Hill, Ph.D., Associate Professor, mentored 12 students in presenting research at the conference. The students admirably represented St. Mary’s at the conference with research topics including gendered language in toy advertisements and behavioral activities of beluga and whale calves.

English and Communication Studies

Mary Lynne Hill, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English and Communication Studies, is the first recipient of the Edward and Linda Speed Justice Fellowship, worth $20,000, plus additional research support for an undergraduate student, so she can complete her book manuscript The Language of Protest, an analysis of protest literature.

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