Priscilla Dethmann (B.S. ’01) recently joined the Bill Greehey School of Business as the Advising, Internship and Marketing Coordinator. We asked her about her background and what brought this native San Antonian back to the St. Mary’s campus.

Q. How did you end up at St. Mary’s University?

A. After graduation I went into the environmental field before stumbling into education. I immediately knew that education was my calling in life. I absolutely love to work with young people; their energy and passion inspire me. I’m happy I found an opportunity to continue to do what I love in a place that I love.

Q. What was it about the University that told you this was where you needed to be? 

A. I met with several universities in the area and even received a few job offers, but none truly fit. When I interviewed with Dr. Singh and Dr. Welch of the Bill Greehey School of Business, I felt an immediate connection with them. They really love St. Mary’s University and sincerely want to help students succeed. I knew that this is where I belong.

Q. You are the Advising, Internship and Marketing Coordinator for the Bill Greehey School of Business: What exactly does this job entail?

A. My position is a new one. In addition to maintaining some of the advising and registration duties, I am developing new programs for internships and mentorships, and also coordinating marketing campaigns.

Q. What have you found most challenging so far?

A. The most challenging part of this position, like any new position, is adjusting to new ways of doing things.

Q. How about the most fulfilling?

A. The School of Business Mentor Program, a new student program developed by Professor Guillermo Martinez and myself, looks like it will have a strong start. I’m excited by the prospect of connecting freshmen with upperclassmen to bolster a stronger and more engaged student body.

Q. What is your strategy for marketing a business school, and what are your goals?

A. My key goal is to build and sustain (student/community/business) interest in the School. My focus at the moment is social media, with additional efforts coming later. I plan to build interest in and engagement with the School by communicating through an active social media and online presence, and also by opening communication lines within St. Mary’s University, the School and the San Antonio business community.  The School is one of only three business schools in San Antonio accredited by the AACSB, after all. I’d like people to know that.

I plan to sustain interest by building commitment to the School through student programs, faculty, staff and student social activities, building the alumni network, and enhancing the internship and career network. If I help can foster a more engaged student body, alumni and faculty, I’ll be one of many spreading the word about the School.

Q. Tell me something about you that everyone might be surprised to know.

A. I don’t pretend to be any good at it, but I love to dance!

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