Meghan Garza-Oswald, a student in the first cohort of the revamped Greehey MBA Program, had no shortage of experience or education even before starting the program last fall. But her MBA educational experience is already paying off.

Garza-Oswald, who will graduate in fall 2013, was recently named one of the 2013 Texas Business Hall of Fame scholarship winners, and will receive a $10,000 scholarship. More than another impressive line on her resume, becoming a Hall of Fame scholarship recipient is a pathway to new people and experiences.

“Just since the announcement, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with great business leaders in our community. It’s opening a great deal of doors already,” she said.

Texas Business Hall of Fame scholarships are awarded to outstanding graduate and undergraduate business students who exhibit entrepreneurial drive and leadership spirit. That’s certainly a good description of Garza-Oswald.

She already had a Master’s of Public Administration before she started the MBA. She had also spent a few years as an elementary teacher; led a citywide task force on issues of homelessness; completed an internship with the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation; served as an executive with Haven For Hope, a full-service support center for the homeless, and started her own management consulting firm.  And now her MBA may be the start of another significant path for her.

“I enjoy getting my hands in all sorts of projects. I see myself creating my own start up from a social enterprise idea or perhaps taking on a larger nonprofit in the future,” Garza-Oswald said. “Social innovation, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, ethical leadership – those are all things that I believe, so the values-based Greehey MBA immediately resonated with me.”

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