St. Mary’s University international relations professor Larry Hufford, Ph.D., has been honored with the 2012 Baha’i Unity of Humanity Award for his long-time efforts to promote understanding, peace and equality.

The award was presented by the Martin Luther King Commission during the city’s annual King Commission Public Award Ceremony on Jan. 17. The award recognizes members of the community whose lives embody the legacy of King. Hufford’s nomination noted his efforts both in the local community and globally to promote cultural understanding and human dignity.

He has been named both a Minnie Stevens Piper Professor and a Fulbright Scholar. Hufford has been a visiting researcher at the Department of Peace and Conflict Resolution at Uppsala University, Sweden, and is a both a Fulbright Scholar and a Minnie Stevens Piper Professor. He has served as an official election observer for non-governmental organizations in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. For more than 25 years, Hufford has led study seminars to countries in war, transitioning out of conflict, transitioning to democracy and extremely poor countries, allowing students to see first-hand the global issues associated with poverty and conflict.

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