The shared history of Americans unites our families, communities and nation, and Women’s History Month is a time to reflect specifically on the contributions and accomplishments unique to women, which are integral to our history at all levels. At St. Mary’s we pause this month to celebrate the unique accomplishments of women who are a part of our learning community.

These include:

Rose Spector (J.D. ’65), who was the first woman elected to the Texas Supreme Court

Alma Lopez (J.D. ’68), who was the first Hispanic woman to serve as a chief justice on a Court of Appeals in the United States, and

The five St. Mary’s law graduates sitting on the Fourth U.S. Court of Appeals, which in 2005 became the first all-woman court of appeals in the U.S. The St. Mary’s alums on that court were Alma Lopez, Catherine Stone (J.D. ’82), Sandee Bryan Marion (J.D. ’80), Karen Angelini (J.D. ’79), and Phylis J. Speedlin (J.D. ’83).

St. Mary’s University is committed to the continued accomplishments of women. Earlier this year, St. Mary’s was named top in Texas and 15th in the nation by Forbes magazine for helping women succeed in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The magazine listed schools that are graduating women with STEM degrees at similar rates to their overall student population.

Throughout this month, our Women’s History Month Planning Committee, which includes students, faculty and staff, has developed activities and programs to celebrate women. Be sure join us in recognizing the contributions of women here at St. Mary’s and through the world.

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