Steve Neiheisel, Ph.D., chair of Political Science Department and director of the London Study Abroad Program, gave an invited public lecture at the Benjamin Franklin House in London, England, in October 2011.

The lecture, From Subject to Citizen: The Political Transformation of Benjamin Franklin traced Franklin’s political conversion from loyal British subject to radical revolutionary during his time residing in London as American colonial agent from 1757 to 1775.

Neiheisel presented his lecture in what was Franklin’s study and parlor, where he wrote most of his letters and met with both American and British officials. At the time it was considered the unofficial American embassy. The audience included students and faculty participating in the St. Mary’s London Study Abroad Program.

The Benjamin Franklin House in London is the only existing Franklin residence remaining in the world.

Neiheisel’s research was funded by a St. Mary’s University Faculty Development Grant.

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