Since 2006, St. Mary’s University School of Law and the Supreme Court of Texas have partnered to provide the Court’s oral arguments to the public through access to live and archived webcasts. Now, the archived arguments are available on iTunes U.

In all, 399 video, audio and transcripts tracks are available for public consumption. This service is provided by St. Mary’s School of Law and the Supreme Court of Texas for students, the legal community and general public.

Before the arguments are posted on iTunes U, the live webcasts are available on St. Mary’s School of Law Web site, and recordings are usually posted within a few hours of the oral argument. The Supreme Court typically holds oral arguments on three days of each month, with three cases per day. Each party is given 20 minutes to argue its case, for a total of 40 total minutes.

A source of free educational content, iTunes U stores lectures, presentations, videos and podcasts from all over the world that can easily be viewed on iTunes.

Note: iTunes is required to download and view the files on Mac, PCs, iPods, iPhones or other smartphone devices.

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