St. Mary’s University this fall will begin offering full scholarships to graduate students with the potential to be outstanding administrators in the local Catholic schools.

In an effort to continue increasing the quality and effectiveness of educators in Catholic schools, St. Mary’s is offering up to 10 full scholarships a year for qualified candidates to the Catholic School Leadership Program, which offers a master’s degree tailored for Catholic school administrators. In exchange for the full scholarship, students commit to working in local Catholic schools for at least four years after graduation.

To participate, students must meet a variety of qualifications, including graduate school admission requirements. In addition, applicants must be currently employed in a Catholic school within the Archdiocese of San Antonio and have a letter of recommendation from the Archdiocese’s Department of Catholic Schools stating the student’s potential as a Catholic schools administrator. If applicants are employed at a Catholic school not under the direction of the Archdiocese, they must have a letter from a comparable official.

The Master of Arts in Catholic School Leadership is a 36-hour program that combines the essentials of general education administration with the special concepts and skills needed for effective leadership in Catholic education. Courses in the program include spiritual leadership, administrative theory and practice, curriculum theory, instructional supervision, school law, business management, special and compensatory education, and courses designed to develop areas of competency for the position of principal or central administrator.

During his visit to the United States last month, Pope Benedict XVI reiterated to U.S. Catholic educators that “education is integral to the mission of the Church.”  This program directly addresses that call to action, while also meeting the Marianist educational mission of St. Mary’s, said University President Charles L. Cotrell, Ph.D., who attended the Pope’s address to Catholic university presidents.

“This new scholarship provides opportunities for students to develop into outstanding administrators who will influence and inspire the next generation of Catholic leaders, while serving their community and contributing to the value of Catholic education in San Antonio,” Cotrell said.

For more information about the program, contact Rev. Richard Wosman, S.M., director of the Catholic School Leadership Program, at 431-4165 or

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