The Student Bar Association and the Restorative Justice Initiative at St. Mary’s University School of Law sponsored a community clean-up in the neighborhoods around the University on Saturday, Sept. 29.

“We offer legal services for the San Antonio community, but those cases can take months or even years,” said Randy Langford, law student and member of the Restorative Justice Initiative. “This is something we can do to make an immediate impact on our neighbors. This is a difference they can see on Saturday afternoon.”

Volunteers met in the law school courtyard at 9:30 a.m. There was a barbecue following the event.

The Restorative Justice Initiative at St. Mary’s University School of Law is a student created program comprised of students, faculty and community members who seek to implement restorative justice studies and practices at St. Mary’s and in local jurisdictions. Restorative justice is a response to crime that restores the losses suffered by victims, holds offenders accountable for the harm they have caused and builds peace within communities.

St. Mary’s University is dedicated to working with and assisting the neighboring community in a variety of ways. Recently the University joined with the University Park Neighborhood Association, other affected neighborhood associations and a variety of community partners to begin the St. Mary’s University Neighborhood Revitalization Project, which is focusing on commercial transformation, housing rehabilitation, infrastructure and quality of life improvements in the area near St. Mary’s.

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