Beginning Monday, Dec. 15, 2003, Lot A (front entrance off of Camino Santa Maria) will be closed to extend the construction to the south. Several spaces (four to six) in Lot B also will become part of the construction site. Although this action has been referred to as Phase II of the Gateway Project, it is actually the continuation of the current Gateway Project. Technically, Gateway Phase II will consist of the new perimeter fence and new entrances at Culebra and 36th Street.

Impacts to extending the construction site:

  • Vehicles will still be able to enter and exit Lot B from Camino Santa Maria (except for brief periods when the entrance is actually being constructed). We will send out a notice when this occurs.
  • Pedestrian traffic from Financial Assistance to campus will be available by walking down the street to the Lot B (south of Charles Francis) entrance.
  • The east entrance to Chaminade Hall will no longer be available for use. It will, however, be available as a fire exit. We will install a sign on the door.
  • The front entrance to Chaminade Tower (east steps) will not be available until the completion of the project. The ramp to the lower level of Chaminade Tower will continue to be available.
  • Access from St. Louis/Reinbolt directly to Chaminade Tower will be closed beginning Monday, Dec. 15, 2003. This will allow progress on the work in the Memorial Plaza.
  • Lot B (south of Charles Francis) will remain a parking lot for Residence Students.
  • The visitor parking spaces (located on the southeast corner of Lot B) will be removed based on a decision of the University Parking Committee.
  • Pedestrian access from Lot B to the campus will be directed around the west of Charles Francis and Chaminade Hall.
  • Access to the visitor parking Lot K (Chaminade Field) will be provided from Camino Santa Maria through Lot B as it now is. We will place temporary signs so visitors can find the lot more easily.
  • Based upon a decision from the University Parking Committee, we will install Faculty/Staff reserve signs in the east row of Lot C (west of Treadaway Hall). These will be installed prior to Jan. 9, 2004.
  • New signs will be placed at the entrances to Lot T (south of AACC) indicating that the lot is now totally Faculty/Staff.

Work Progress

  • All of the piers for the fence columns have been drilled and concrete has been poured. The pier caps also have been poured. The piers for the columns have been set at a depth of 25 feet.
  • The piers for the entrances also have been drilled, and concrete has been poured.
  • The construction of the fountain around the statue of Mary is progressing. Fountain piping is being installed. The hole for the fountain pump and chlorination system has been dug.
  • Numerous underground water lines have been relocated, repaired, or replaced.
  • Many of the 247 new trees have been planted. Among them are four magnolias, 13 crepe myrtles, 52 southern live oaks, one sabal palm, 28 cedar elms, three Texas redbuds, 138 mountain laurels, and six lavender chase trees.
  • There are approximately 24 trees in front of St. Louis Hall that have electrical power for Christmas lighting.
  • Sample mall pavers as well as parking lot pavers are set up between St. Louis Hall and Garni.
  • The D’Hanis turf pavers are on site as well as the bricks for the fence columns.
  • Telephone poles have been removed along Camino Santa Maria.
  • All of the bases for the light poles have been poured and all of the underground electrical conduits have been completed. There are approximately 82 new pole lights in the project.
  • The large red oak tree at the southeast corner of Charles Francis will be moved to the west side of the SBC Center for Information Technology.
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