Invitations will be in the mail in October for St. Mary’s Sleeping Bag Weekend, scheduled for Sunday and Monday, Nov. 24 -25, 2002. This event is your chance to experience the life of a college student by bunking with a current student in a residence hall, attending classes and information sessions, touring campus, and dining on the River Walk to enjoy one of San Antonio’s most famous attractions.

Cost for the event is $75 and priority is given to high school seniors. Also included in the invitation is information on St. Mary’s Open House, a one-day event that allows for class and infomation sessions and touring campus. This is a free event although the number of attendees is limited. High school seniors, juniors, sophomores and college transfer students are eligible to attend Open House.

Remember to check your mailbox for the invitation and we look forward to visiting with you face-to-face.

Undergraduate Admissions

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