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Dec 5 2018
Front entrance of Lourdes Hall, a two-story brick building with a covered entryway

Our Lady of Lourdes Hall

Lourdes Hall is a primarily freshman and first-year hall. This two-story hall has rooms configured to house two residents of the same gender per room with a private bathroom and built-in closets and drawers. Rooms come with…

Dec 5 2018
Front of Marian Hall, a brick building surrounded by bushes and trees

Marian Hall

Marian Hall is home to our Biology and Science Learning Living Communities, which include biology, pre-health, science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors from all undergraduate classifications. In order to live in this building, residents must be pre-approved…

Dec 5 2018
Exterior view of Donohoo Hall dorms

John Donohoo Hall

John Donohoo Hall, also known as JD, is home to the Honors Living Learning Community, available to all classifications of undergraduate students accepted into the Honors program. Limited space is available for students not in the Honors program….

Dec 5 2018
Leies Hall, a three-story brick building surrounded by trees

Herbert and John G. Leies Hall

Leies Hall is a three-story building open to upperclassman students as a part of The Village at St. Mary’s. It has an exterior common area entrance and an interior room entrance. Leies Hall is a quad suite with…

Dec 5 2018
Front entrance of Dougherty Hall

Dougherty Hall

Remodeled in 2018, Dougherty Hall is one of our primary freshman and first-year halls and is home to the Political Science Living Learning Community. As a two-story, suite-style residence hall, Dougherty accommodates two people per room that are…

Dec 4 2018
Back view of Frederick Hall

Anthony Frederick Hall

Anthony Frederick Hall, also known as AF, is home to the Marianist Leadership Living Learning Community open to all classifications of undergraduate students approved by the Marianist Leadership Program Coordinator. Limited space is available for students not in the…

Dec 4 2018
Cremer Hall courtyard, a patio area with two picnic tables surrounded by the brick building

Andrew Cremer Hall

Andrew Cremer Hall is available for undergraduate students and is a part of The Village at St. Mary’s. Cremer Hall is home to the Rowdy Rattlers themed community. Cremer Hall is a three-story residence hall that offers a private…

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