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Executive Council

Authorizes release:

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Responsible office:

Human Resources

Review cycle:

Annually or as required



Last update:

October 2016

Next review:

June 2017

Related policies and additional references:

Copyright Compliance; University Name and Seal; University Social Media; Personnel Manual; Faculty Handbook

The University recognizes that employees occasionally may desire to use social media for personal activities at the office or by means of the University’s computers, networks, and other IT resources and communications systems. Such occasional use is permissible so long as it does not involve unprofessional or inappropriate content not otherwise protected or required by law and does not interfere with employment responsibilities or productivity of the employee. Circulating or posting commercial, personal, religious or political solicitations, chain letters, spam or promotion of outside organizations unrelated to University business is also prohibited unless otherwise protected or required by law. Unless specifically authorized in writing by the President of the University, employees may not speak on behalf of, or claim to represent, the University in an official capacity on a blog, message board, or other social media website. Further, employees are prohibited from using social media to engage in unlawful harassment or discrimination or to violate any other University policy. This policy is not intended to preclude or dissuade discussions among employees about wages, terms and conditions of employment, or other legally protected or required activities.

Employee use of social media accessed through the University’s computers, networks, and other Information Technology (IT) resources and communications systems may be monitored at any time. Employees should not expect privacy with respect to any of their activities using University computers, networks, and other IT resources and communications systems. The University reserves the right to review any files, messages, or communications stored on, created, received, or sent using the University’s computers, networks, and other IT resources and communications systems. Employees should not use the University’s IT resources and communications systems for any matter that they desire to be kept private or confidential from the University.

Employees who violate this policy may be subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal from employment.

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