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Chief of Staff for the President

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University Communications

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Annually or as required

Last Review:

October 2023

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The digital message boards (video boards) on campus are an important part of the University’s internal communications and offer a way of marketing events and providing information about programs that are of interest to the campus community. The signage runs on a system called Rise Vision, which is a digital signage content management system. The digital displays are located in various spots across campus and University Communications is the primary contact for posting content to these boards.

University Communications Messaging Strategy for Digital Message Boards:

  • Utilize a monthly messaging calendar meeting to identify and plan content for the digital boards and ensure content initiatives, promotions and messages are well thought out and have an appropriate degree of repetition and balance.
  • Provide a visual means of conveying messages to the campus community at large that builds interest in events, activities, speakers, services and programs and reinforces major successes of the University, students, faculty and staff.
  • Shape content and design of messages to resonate with the target audience and catch their visual attention.
  • Use in unison with other marketing materials for broader awareness.
  • Promote campus vibrancy by consistently highlighting/promoting the exciting activities and news happening across our campus community.
  • Increase awareness of the University brand and marketing messages.
  • Reduce mass emails and visual clutter in the common areas of campus buildings.

Locations of Digital Message Boards on Rise Vision System

  • University Center (3) – Cafeteria, Bookstore, Information Desk (being decommissioned)
  • Career Development Services (1) – Lobby
  • Greehey School of Business (3) – Lobby, Finance Classroom
  • Blume Library (1) – Second Floor
  • Learning Commons (4) – Library (2), Academic Technology (2)
  • Law School (9) – Classroom Building (3), Raba Building (3), Sarita Kenedy East Law Library (3)

Locations of Digital Message Boards on an Independent System

  • Alumni Athletics & Convocation Center (1) – Lobby
  • Admissions (1) – Chaminade Tower
  • Sarita Kenedy East Law Library (1) – Hallway

Guidelines for Use

  • Content for internal messages posted to the digital boards should be:
    • Student oriented
    • Focused on career- or job-related information or learning opportunities.
    • High level student events, activities, recitals and concerts, etc.
    • Signature University events
    • Key events for University ministry
    • Congratulatory messages for high level or presidential awards and recognition
    • “Evergreen” University messages, such as Rattler Spirit Thursdays
  • Message run times will vary depending on time sensitivity and significance of content.
  • Content will rotate through a digital board “presentation” and the rotation time is dependent on the number of content images running at the time.
  • Campus digital message boards are primarily intended for the advertising of events and programs occurring in spaces on campus. It is not intended to promote external off-campus events or for the sale of advertisements.


  • University Communications identifies key events or information to be posted to the digital message boards. To make a specific content request contact the Office of University Communications at 210-436-3327 or
  • Submit information 10 days before you want the announcement posted to allow for design and/or uploading of submitted content.

Law-specific Guidelines for Use

  • Content for messages posted to the Law School’s digital message boards should be:
    • High-level student events or activities that pertain to the entire School of Law or University community at large.
    • Lower priority events or activities with a small or specific audience should utilize the Witan and social media channels to promote or share information.

Law Process

  • The Director of Law Communications identifies key events or information to be posted to the Law School’s digital message boards.
  • Law student clubs/organizations should fill out the online submission form available at to submit their event information be posted to the digital message boards.
  • Submit information 10 days before you want the announcement posted to allow for design and/or uploading of submitted content.
  • Event information submitted may not be in conflict with the mission of the University.
  • If a request does not meet the threshold for a video board, organizations can submit their information to the Witan and promote it via social media.
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