Executive Council

Authorizes Release:

Vice Provost for Student Development

Responsible Area:

Student Development

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

October 2021

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Student publications are a valuable aid in establishing and maintaining an atmosphere on campus of free and responsible discussion and of intellectual exploration. They are a means of bringing student concerns to the attention of all members of the University community, of formulating student opinion on various issues on the campus and in the world at large, of creating a record of University life, and of educating students regarding responsible journalism. The Editors in Chief of all approved student publications bear the full responsibility for determining the content of their publications. The Editors in Chief have the editorial freedom to maintain integrity of purpose as vehicles for free inquiry and free expression in the academic community, consistent with the mission of the University. In exercising this freedom and fulfilling the responsibilities delegated, the Editors are governed by the canons of responsible journalism, such as avoiding the following: inaccuracy, untruth, libel, indecency, undocumented allegations, attacks on personal integrity, and the techniques of harassment and innuendo.

All amendments to this policy must be approved by the Student Publications Board and ratified by the Executive Council.

Student Publications Board

The Student Publications Board is comprised of the Vice Provost for Student Development / Dean of Students (chair), the Editor in Chief and the Managing Editor of The Rattler newspaper, Editors in Chief of other student publications approved by the Executive Council to belong under the aegis of the Student Publications Board, the Advisers of these publications, a Student Government representative, two students at large selected by the Student Publications Board, a Public Relations representative, a faculty representative of the English-Communications Studies Department, and, if possible, a professional journalist and/or alumnus.

The membership of the Board and its chair will be selected by the Publications Board itself in April of each year for the following year. The role of the chair is to convene and facilitate the meetings of the Student Publications Board.

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