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Student Development Council

Authorizes Release:

Vice Provost for Student Development

Responsible Area:

Student Development

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

July 2019

The following posting policies are in effect for registered student organizations (RSOs), including RSOs working in conjunction with University departments, who want to post items on campus at St. Mary’s University. The policies identified are a joint collaboration between Student Life and the Dean of Students Office.

Student Life must approve all posters, flyers and handouts prior to posting. Approval may be obtained:

  • Electronically via RattlerTracks during the event registration process
  • In person during regularly scheduled office hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday)

Unless otherwise arranged, the person or department requesting approval will be responsible for placing materials around campus. For more information on this policy, visit Student Life on the second floor of the University Center or call 210-436-3436.

Rules for Making Posters


  • Have the flyer or poster approved before making copies
  • Adhere to the maximum size of 3′ x 6′
  • Clearly identify the name of the sponsoring department or organization
  • Ensure wording is clear and correct; for example, “proceeds” versus “net proceeds” for fundraisers
  • Include the event name, date, time and event contact information (RSO name, with phone number or email)
  • Ensure all spelling is correct, especially campus venue names
  • Adhere to the University policy regarding the official log and seal as explained in the St. Mary’s University Branding Guide


  • Use glitter, confetti, feathers or other loose materials (glitter pens are allowed)
  • Include selling price for alcoholic beverages
  • Advertise alcoholic beverages with phrases like “all you can drink” or “2 for 1 drinks”
  • Use alcoholic beverages as prizes

Options for Approvals

Hard copy:

  • Bring the original flyer, poster or handout to Student Life. The staff will stamp and initial the document and return it to you ready for duplication.

Electronic copy:

  • Submit the flyer electronically via RattlerTracks when you are creating your event, or
  • Email the original document to studentlife@stmarytx.edu.

The staff will insert an electronic stamp as a watermark and return the stamped document as a PDF file.

  • It is recommended to bring postings in for approval at least three days prior to the date needed for posting.
  • RSO Event Flyers, Posters and Handouts will not be approved until an event registration has been processed and approved in RattlerTracks.
  • Per RSO policy, a third violation of these policies will result in suspension of posting privileges.

Posting and Removing

Postings around campus are checked daily and will be removed if not properly approved and stamped. Improper posting could result in the temporary loss of posting privileges on campus.

  • Only one copy of a flyer or poster may be hung in each designated area. Please note that certain bulletin boards are reserved for the exclusive use of departments or organizations. Please check with building supervisors for more specific building information.
  • Only masking tape may be used on surfaces where tacks, pins and staples are not appropriate.
  • A poster or flyer cannot be posted for more than fourteen days. Student Life professional staff may consider exceptions to this rule and will evaluate extended posting requests on a case-by-case basis.
  • Organizations and departments are responsible for the removal of postings after the event or at the posting expiration date. Failure to remove a posting could result in loss of posting privileges.

Approved Posting Locations

Academic Buildings (including all School of Law buildings)Postings on bulletin boards in the various academic buildings must also be approved by the Dean’s office of each school. Please note that posting is not permitted in St. Louis Hall.
Alumni Athletics and Convocation CenterOpen bulletin boards require no additional approval. Postings in Greehey Arena, the running track rail and on the TV screens requires additional approval obtained from the AA&CC director or his or her designee. Please contact the AA&CC director’s office at 210-431-2097 for additional information on posting guidelines for this facility.
ClassroomsOnly postings that are academic in nature will be approved for display in classrooms. The Dean of each academic school or his or her designee must approve posting materials prior to their placement in classrooms.
Diamondback CaféBrick wall space in the Diamondback Café is limited. Accordingly, special procedures are in place for this area. The maximum size for a poster in the Café is 22 inches high by 28 inches wide. All other rules apply. UC staff will hang these posters overnight after the Café closes. Students cannot hang posters during operational hours. Requests for the Café napkin holders can be made through the University Center Scheduling Desk. Up to two events can be displayed at one time for up to one week. Please call the UC Scheduling Desk at 210-431-8087 for more information on the number and sizes of napkin holder posters required for use of this space.
Louis J. Blume LibraryNo additional approval is needed for posting on the bulletin boards in and around the Blume Library, including the Cotrell Commons.
Moat BridgeThe moat bridge can accommodate up to six posting requests at one time. Approval for use of this space is obtained through Student Life at 210-431-3714.
RattlerTracksThe Posting Policy governs all postings to the RattlerTracks bulletin board. All postings must include an electronic approval stamp.
Sandwich BoardsThe University Center Scheduling Desk has two sandwich boards available for posting. The Student Life Office must approve flyers and posters. The sandwich boards can be reserved through the EMS reservation system, accessible through Gateway. Please note that sandwich boards being used for posting must not block or impede walkways, sidewalks, stairways or entrances.
Residence HallsPostings for the Residence Halls are to be delivered to the Office of Residence Life; they will deliver the flyers to the residence halls for you. Flyers must be bundled and labeled for delivery. Please refer to the table below titled “Residence Hall Copy Counts” to determine the number of copies needed. Flyers being distributed via mailboxes must be no larger than one-quarter of a page.
University CenterNo additional approval is needed for the cement wall between the University Center and the Blume Library or the University Center Atrium. A reservation is required to post on the University Center second floor railings and on the UC outside bridge. Posting reservations for these areas must be made through the EMS reservation system, accessible through Gateway. Please be aware that the UC rails can accommodate a maximum of 21 posting requests at one time, and UC bridge postings can only be reserved for vinyl banners. Up to five banners can be displayed at one time, depending on the size of the banners.
Residence Hall Copy Counts
Residence HallMail BoxesNumber of Bulletin Boards
Adele (AD)302
Anthony Frederick (AF)222
Chaminade (CH)1084
Cremer (CR)452
Dougherty (DO)886
Archbishop Flores (FL)02
Founders (FN)14316
John Donohoo (JD)302
Leies (HJL)802
Lourdes (LO)524
Marian (MA)688
Perigueux (PE)595
Treadaway (TR)1864
Total Copies81260

Areas Off-limits for Posting

Do not post in these places:

  • Glass doors and windows
  • Trees
  • Painted surfaces
  • Pillars
  • Building doors
  • Blue light emergency telephones
  • Bathrooms – stalls, doors and mirrors
  • Trash receptacles
  • Brick walls (except in the Diamondback Café)
  • Vehicles or windshields
  • Campus locator signs
  • Walkways, stairways, steps or entrances
  • Lamp posts
  • Sidewalks (except for approved chalk promotions)

Student Life reserves the right to reject any campus postings that promote a message or activity inconsistent with the Catholic and Marianist goals and values that are an integral part of the St. Mary’s University community.

In the event of a high priority or an emergency situation, University administration may make exceptions to this posting policy.

Any posting that advertises part-time or full-time employment, internship or volunteer opportunities for St. Mary’s students must be approved by the STRIVE Career Center. For more information on this requirement, please call 210-436-3102.

If you have questions about this policy, contact Student Life on the second floor of the University Center or at 210-436-3714.

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