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Vice Provost for Student Development

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Student Development

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Annually or as required

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September 2023

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Full-time employees living in a University-owned residence hall apartment may possess fish in a tank of 10 gallons or less, a dog and/or cat. Dogs can be no larger than 30 lbs or greater than 22″ in height when fully grown (defined by the American Kennel Club as a small dog). Approval must be obtained from the Assistant Dean of Residence Life prior to the pet residing in the apartment. These guidelines serve only as a reference point and should not be viewed as absolute. Additionally, the Office of Residence Life and/or St. Mary’s University may change the guidelines at any time.

All pets housed on campus must have all immunizations up to date and a copy of records shall be kept on file with the Assistant Dean of Residence Life. These records must be updated every year the pet is living in the apartment. Pets shall be spayed/neutered and a copy of a certificate of health statement and tags must be on file with the Assistant Dean of Residence Life. Pets must be leashed and a collar with appropriate tags must be worn at all times when the pet is outside the apartment. Owners are expected to immediately clean up and properly dispose of pet feces.

Pet owners shall give cats and dogs a monthly flea medication (i.e.: Revolution or Advantix) and submit copies of receipts to the Assistant Dean of Residence Life. Owners must immediately report flea infestations to the Assistant Dean of Residence Life and Facilities and expenses associated with flea infestation remediation are the pet owner’s responsibility.

Pet owners are financially responsible for damage to university property or injury to others caused by animals in their possession.

Nuisance animals will be removed from campus at the pet owner’s expense.

Additional policy details may be obtained by contacting the Office of Residence Life by phone at 210-431-4312 or by email at

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