Executive Council

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Vice President for Administration and Finance

Responsible Area:

Personnel Manual

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

June 2022

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All non-faculty employees are eligible for job performance reviews on an annual basis. The purpose of the review is to discuss employee job performance and to provide an opportunity for the employee and the supervisor to discuss individual and departmental goals and objectives and to outline developmental needs. Employees are provided an opportunity to respond in writing. Individual ratings and employee comments are reviewed by the department head and the area vice president to monitor equity. Completed evaluations and employee comments are forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for placement in the employee’s file.

The University encourages career growth and internal promotions. A promotion is a change from one position to another at a higher level and normally entails an increase in pay. The University adheres to its policy of equal employment opportunity and considers all applicants for advancement regardless of race, religion, sex, age, disability, military status, national origin, or any other characteristic protected by law. As job openings occur, they are posted within the University so that current employees can apply and receive consideration for promotion.

Employees are encouraged to discuss the possibilities of advancement with supervisors when the time is appropriate for such a move. There may also be opportunity for increased responsibilities within the current department. No employee will be adversely affected as a result of expressing an interest in another job opening. Anyone interested in a posted position is encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources for further information. An employee will be considered for transfer or promotion only after the employee has completed the introductory period in the previous position and satisfies the requirements of the position being sought.

Open positions at the University are generally posted internally for a period of five days. Employees who wish to apply for transfer or promotion should, within five days of the announcement of the job vacancy, complete and submit the appropriate application to the Office of Human Resources. The department seeking to fill the vacancy/new position makes the final selection subject to review by the Director of Human Resources to assure that proper procedures have been followed in filling the vacancy.

In some situations, the result of a promotion may not prove satisfactory to either the employee or the University. For this reason, there is an introductory period, during which time the employee and the supervisor have the opportunity to evaluate the new situation. If expectations are not met, a demonstrated effort will be made to assist the employee in finding a more suitable position within the University; however, there is no guarantee of another position.

Transfers represent a permanent change from one position to another within the same salary level, or in some instances, at a lower salary level. A transfer may result from a request made by either the University or the employee and may be initiated to develop the employee’s career or to provide the employee the opportunity to work in an area where the employee’s full potential may be realized. Transfers may also occur when positions are to be phased out.

In order for an employee to be eligible for a transfer or for consideration regarding a different position at the institution, the employee must have completed the introductory period (typically 90 days excluding police) for their current position and satisfied the requirements of the position being sought. The employee must also be in “good standing” and not currently under any disciplinary action or on a performance improvement plan. In addition, it is the responsibility of the employee and the prospective department manager to notify the employee’s current supervisor of such intent in advance of active consideration. If the employee has not met these conditions, the transfer will not be allowed to take place. Any exception or deviation from this policy must be discussed with the Office of Human Resources before any employee may transfer or fill an otherwise vacant position at the University.

Because of reasons such as reorganization, personal request, inability to perform, or reevaluation, either an employee or the University may initiate a move to a job at a lower level. Under some circumstances, an employee’s pay may be reduced to coincide with the new salary range. Because the University is committed to fair and equitable treatment, the supervisor and employee should discuss any action of this nature with the Director of Human Resources.

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