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Vice President for Administration and Finance

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Information Services

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Annually or as required

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June 2020

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This policy outlines the criteria for the creation, deletion and retention of university issued email accounts and network services account access. St. Mary’s University provided email accounts through Microsoft Office 365 include email, calendaring, SharePoint, OneDrive etc. using the account naming convention of for employees, for students and for alumni. Network services provide access to Gateway, Canvas, wireless and wired network, network drives and other services requiring your St. Mary’s login credentials.

The St. Mary’s email is used for university communications. The account credentials allow access to the network systems supporting university employees and students in performing functions necessary for work and academic pursuits. Email and network services access is not an infinite resource and must be managed and maintained in a manner that achieves a balance between required access, mitigation of risk and allocation of staff and other resources. The following charts explain when accounts are created and deleted and highlight retention requirements.

Network Services and Email Account Creation
Community groupAccount and services access enabled
StudentsNew student accounts are created within one week of acceptance to the University.
Faculty, staff and contingent facultyNew faculty and staff accounts are created as the Office of Information Services is notified by Human Resources of their start date. Whenever practicable, the account credentials will be available in advance of their arrival. Credential information is provided by the Technical Support Center.
Network Services and Email Account Retention and Deletion
CategoryReason for separationEmail and network services retention period
StudentsGraduationNetwork services: 6 months. Email account: lifetime; removed if inactive for 6 months.*
StudentsNon-matriculation (new students)Network services and email account: deleted on the 12th day of the subsequent semester.
StudentsDisciplinaryNetwork services and email account: none.
AlumniGraduationNetwork services: none. Email account: 3 months with permission of department head.
Current faculty and staffVoluntaryNetwork services: none. Email account: 3 months with permission of department head.
Current faculty and staffTerminationNetwork services and email account: none.
Contingent facultyReturningNetwork services: disabled; enabled upon return. Email account: disabled; enabled upon return; deleted after 9 months of inactivity.
Contingent facultyNon-returningNetwork services and email: none.
Faculty – Non-Emerita/Emeritus; staff < 25 yearsRetirementNetwork services: none. Email account: lifetime; removed if inactive for 6 months.*
Faculty – Emerita/Emeritus; staff 25+ yearsRetirementNetwork services: lifetime; removed if inactive for 6 months.* Email account: lifetime; removed if inactive for 6 months.*
*Inactive email accounts will be disabled after 180 days without an active login by the account owner (an account is not considered active if it is only used to forward email to another account). An email notification will be sent and the account owner will have 30 days to access the account at which point the account will be deactivated. The account will be fully removed from the system 90 days later and the contents will be unrecoverable.
Non-Employee Categories Account Access
CategoryGateway Portal AccessLibrary PrivilegesAthletic Facilities AccessRequirements
AramarkNoNoNoParking Permit
Alumni – previous employeeAlumni Access OnlyNoNoEmail
Barnes and NobleNoNoNoParking Permit
Marianist (religious)NoYesYesID Card, Email
Marianist (staff)NoNoNoParking Permit
Volunteer StaffNoYesYesID Card, Email
Volunteer FacultyNoYesYesID Card, Email
Temp Agency EmployeePer department pending job dutiesNoNoParking Permit. IT per department requirements.
Military Science, ROTCApproval of Work Study timesheets onlyYesYesID Card, Email, Parking Permit
VolunteersNoNoNoID Card, Parking Permit
Law Scholars / Visiting StudentPer department needsYesYesID Card, Email
RetireeNoYesYesID Card, Email, Parking Permit
Law School: Sr. Professors (Retired with part-time pay)YesYesYesID Card, Email, Parking Permit
Law School: St. Professors or Emeritus (Retired, but volunteering – unpaid)NoYesYesID Card, Email, Parking Permit
Library Services Off-campus access to databases is not permitted to non-employees and non-students.

To take advantage of lifetime account benefits, please email the Technical Support Center at

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