Executive Council

Authorizes Release:

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Responsible Area:

Human Resources

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

August 2019

Related Policies and Additional References:

Faculty Handbook; Personnel Manual; Workplace Violence Prevention

The University strictly prohibits the use, sale, manufacture, distribution, purchase, transfer, receipt, or possession of weapons during working time or while representing the University, whether on or off University campus or workplaces. The University’s Weapons Policy also prohibits:

  • Use, sale, manufacture, distribution, purchase, transfer, receipt, or possession of weapons while teaching classes, attending classes, and/or while entering or being physically present on the University’s premises.
  • Applicants, employees, including faculty, administration, and support personnel, and/or visitors from entering University premises or reporting for work or class while in possession of weapons.

This policy is not intended to prohibit an employee who holds a license to carry a concealed handgun under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code, who otherwise lawfully possesses a firearm, or who lawfully possesses ammunition, from transporting or storing a firearm or ammunition that the employee is authorized by law to possess in a locked, privately owned motor vehicle in a parking lot, parking garage, or other parking area the University provides for employees.

Any employee, whether a member of the administration or support personnel, who violates this policy will be relieved of duty, and discipline may include immediate dismissal. Any visitor who violates this policy will have the firearm confiscated, will be considered a trespasser, and will be escorted off the University’s premises.

Weapons include firearms, knives with a blade longer than three inches, explosive materials, or any other object that could be used to harass, intimidate, or injure another individual, student, faculty or non-faculty member, volunteer, manager, or supervisor.

This policy applies anytime an employee or faculty member is performing services for the University, including travel for any University-related business, athletic, and/or scholastic purpose, whether in the employee’s or faculty member’s personal vehicle or in a University vehicle.

The University Weapons Policy does not prohibit the possession and/or use of weapons by qualified members of the University Police Department while they are on duty and acting within the scope of their employment, and the University’s ROTC Department while they are acting within the scope of their training and/or performance activities. Marianist permanent residences on the premises are also excluded from this policy.

The University reserves the right to conduct searches or inspections at any time there is a reasonable suspicion that an applicant, employee (including administration and support personnel), and/or visitor is in the possession of weapons without prior announcement. Reasonable suspicion will exist where facts and circumstances, based on trustworthy information, are sufficient in themselves to warrant a person of reasonable caution to believe that an offense of the Weapons Policy has been or is being committed.

Searches will be conducted by authorized University police officers only. Authorizations may come from the Chief of Police, the President or the respective Vice President or their designees, or by a University police officer in instances of clear and present imminent danger. Employees, including administration and support personnel, are required to submit to such procedures, upon request, and will be asked to sign a release form.

An employee’s refusal to submit to such searches may result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and/or termination. Visitors are required to submit to such procedures, upon request, as a condition of continued visitor status.

The University reserves the right to conduct searches and inspections of applicants, employees, including administration and support personnel, or visitors and/or their personal effects, lockers, desks, and/or other containers located on University premises. This includes University vehicles wherever located. Entry onto University premises or work sites, or performing services for, on behalf of, or as a representative of the University constitutes consent to such searches or inspections. The purposes of such searches or inspections under this policy are to determine whether any employee, applicant, or visitor is in possession of weapons.

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