Executive Council

Authorizes Release:

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Responsible Area:

Human Resources

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

June 2020

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Job Posting Approval

The hiring supervisor will complete the Job Rationale, prepare or update the Job Description, assess budget funding and evaluate the salary market range for the job. The completed Job Requisition, along with the Job Rationale (approved by the area Vice President) and Job Description, will be sent to Human Resources for review and approval. Once approved, Human Resources will forward the Job Rationale and Job Requisition to the Finance Office for review and then to the President’s Office for signature. The President’s Office will return the approved Job Requisition form to Human Resources for posting.

Screening and Interviewing Process

  1. Application notifications will be forwarded by email to the hiring supervisor for review in the online database. Access will be granted by HR at time of posting.
  2. The hiring supervisor is responsible for screening and interviewing candidates. Telephone interviews are encouraged to narrow the candidate pool. It is recommended that at least two to three candidates be selected for face-to-face interviews. The selected candidate(s) must meet minimum requirements of the position. The interview process and results must be documented for review by Human Resources.
  3. The hiring supervisor is responsible for contacting the professional references provided by the top candidate(s). The forms to document references are available in the Policy Library.
  4. The hiring supervisor may refer up to three candidates for computer skills testing through Human Resources. The results are sent directly to the hiring supervisor.

Human Resources Office Audit Process

The hiring supervisor will submit to Human Resources all documentation capturing the assessment of candidates, including professional reference checks, number of candidates interviewed (in person and by phone) and names of interview panel or person who conducted interviews. Human Resources will conduct an audit for compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity and fair hiring practice requirements. An offer of employment must not be made until the audit has been completed.

Offers of Employment

  1. Human Resources will notify the hiring supervisor when the audit is complete. Upon receiving notification, the hiring supervisor may extend an offer of employment contingent on completion of a background check and other requirements as detailed in the job description.
  2. Human Resources will conduct a background check and other verifications necessary for the job, then inform the hiring supervisor of the results.
  3. The hiring supervisor will confirm the start date and salary with the candidate and provide notification to Human Resources.
  4. As soon as possible, the hiring supervisor will submit the completed and approved Personnel Action Form (PAF) to Human Resources.
  5. The new employee must report to Human Resources on the first day of employment to complete new hire paperwork. If applicable, an employment benefit orientation will be scheduled within the week.

Job Requisition and Hiring Process

Job Rationale

When making a decision to hire, it is critical to consider alternatives which maximize use of resources while meeting department needs. Containing personnel costs can help provide additional funds for other needs or emerging priorities. Before posting a position, consider the workload and possible alternatives to full-time employment. For example,

  • Could the duties be performed by existing staff, with a pay increase for the existing position?
  • Could the duties be accomplished in fewer hours per day? Are 8 hours really necessary?
  • Could the duties be accomplished in fewer days per week? Are 5 days really necessary?
  • Could duties be eliminated in the summer months? Are fall and spring sufficient? Could the person be full time for 10 months or 32 weeks during the fall and spring semesters?
  • Could the position be shared? For example, two part-time employees performing one full-time job?
  • Could the work be periodic and performed by a temporary arrangement with a vendor?

The cost of a full time position includes the annual salary, health benefits, retirement, vacation (which increases with years of service), holidays and sick leave. Although there are 260 paid days per year, a full time employee will have as few as 224 work days if all paid leave is used. Also consider the computer equipment, professional development and other non-personnel expenses required for an employee. Part-time employees who work less than 30 hours per week have mandatory benefits only, which are considerably less than benefits for full-time employees. Below is a comparison of savings using various alternatives for a position with an annual salary of $36,000:

Incremental Cost of Staffing Options
OptionHourly RateAnnual SalaryAverage Benefit ExpenseAdded Total CostVacation Days per YearHolidays per YearSick Leave Days per Year
Full-time, 40 hours per week, 12 months$17.31$36,000$8,640$44,640101412
3/4 time, 30 hours per week, 12 months$17.31$27,000$6,480$33,4807.510.59
Part-time, 20 hours per week, 12 months$17.31$18,000$1,377$19.377000
Full-time, 40 hours per week, 10 months$17.31$30,000$7,200$37,2008.311.710
Agency temporary (assumes 224 work days)$25.00$44,800None$44,800000
Job share (2 part-time positions totaling 40 hours per week)$17.31$36,000$2,754$38,754000
Add to existing position with 10% pay increase$1.73$3,600$864$4,464000

Forms Related to this Policy

After returning this form to Human Resources, please complete a purchase order form via Gateway under Key Applications on the homepage by choosing Technology Purchasing Center in order to receive a consultation, if needed.

All purchases, such as computers, desks, adjustable chairs, etc., must be approved by your department head or chair because all orders must be purchased by your department. Note: please allow up to two weeks for delivery of any computer equipment that must be ordered. Office furniture can take six to eight weeks for delivery.

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