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Executive Council

Authorizes release:

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Responsible office:

Human Resources

Review cycle:

Annually or as required



Last update:

October 2016

Next review:

June 2017

Related policies and additional references:

Conflict of Interest; Personnel Manual; Faculty Handbook

It may be deemed a conflict of interest in employment at the University for an employee to serve in a direct supervisory capacity over a relative or dependent, or in a situation where influence could be exerted on decisions concerning the status of their employment, promotion, or compensation. For the purposes of this policy, “relative” shall be deemed to be any person within the first degree of consanguinity (blood relation) and “dependent” shall be defined as provided in Section 152 of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Should a faculty member serve in direct supervisory capacity over a relative or dependent, the Provost shall appoint another faculty member to evaluate said relative or dependent. (See the Faculty Handbook.)

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