Executive Council

Authorizes Release:

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Responsible Area:

Human Resources

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

October 2019

Related Policies and Additional References:

In the event the University opening is delayed due to any type of emergency, the employee is required to report to work at the announced time. If the employee does not report to work, he/she will not be paid for that entire day unless the employee has sick or vacation leave available.

Should inclement weather begin during a working day and the decision is made to close early, all departments will be appropriately informed and payment will be made for the hours closed. Should the employee feel he/she must leave early due to inclement weather when the decision has been made to keep the campus open, the employee will only be paid for such time if the employee makes up hours of absence within the same week of the emergency and at a time mutually agreeable to the employee and the supervisor or with sick or vacation leave the employee has available.

Each department has designated “essential personnel” in the event of an emergency. These employees may be required to report as part of their assigned duties.

Please refer to the Emergency Action Plan for detailed information.

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