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Athletics Office

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Annually or as required

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August 2023

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The St. Mary’s University strength facilities are designed to provide the athlete with the best possible equipment, instruction, and training in the country. A Sports Performance coach and one (1)graduate assistant is available to teach proper lifting techniques, design sport-specific programs and motivate each athlete to excel in his or her particular sport. The strength staff will handle all scheduling for the weight room and other training facilities. Teams or athletes should always report to the weight room promptly at their assigned time. Graduate assistants will be assigned weight room duties and supervision as directed by the Sports Performance coach. The graduate assistants will monitor varsity sports throughout the course of the year. This includes program design, implementation, instruction, and testing.

Weight Control / Supplements

Student-athletes should not take supplements without the approval of the Sports Medicine staff. A student- athlete is ultimately responsible for any substance they put in their body. Product assessment includes careful review of product labeling and ingredients in order to determine if any NCAA banned substances are included. Consultation with an aforementioned staff member is always recommended. Student-athletes assume the risk that supplement products may be mislabeled or contaminated with an undisclosed banned substance.

Weight Room Rules

Weight room hours will be consistent with the hours of operations listed by the Alumni Athletics & Convocation Center staff. If a student-athlete needs, access to the weight room facilities, outside of the listed hours, this student-athlete is encouraged to contact their Head Coach or the Sports Performance staff.  Student-athletes need to take pride in their strength facility by carefully following the policy guidelines listed below:

1. Apparel worn by student-athletes must be consistent with team policy. Student-athletes are expected to follow the apparel rules established by the Head Coach.

2. Student-athletes conducting workouts individually, or outside of a designated team session, should notify the sports performance coach of the workout activities. Student-athletes are encouraged to consult the sports performance staff to ensure safety and understanding of workout.

3. Student-athletes are expected to follow and record workout information in the TEAMBUILDR application.

4. Replace all weights, dumbbells, bars and other equipment when the workout has concluded.

5. Only sports drinks and water are allowed in the weight room. No food, non-sport related beverages or tobacco are permitted in the weight room.

6. Student-athlete should not use headphones during team workout sessions. Any headphones or speakers used in the weight room is at the discretion of the sports performance coach.

7. The strength staff is not responsible for holding personal items.

8. Follow all instructions given by sports performance staff. Failure to follow any of the policies will result in loss of weight room privilege.

TeamBuildr Account

Student-athletes are required to do the following:

1. Provide Sports Performance staff with your St. Mary’s email and cell phone number.

2. Once they receive the email from TeamBuildr (it may go to your “Other” mailbox), click on the link to create a password for your account.

3. Download the TeamBuildr app on your phone and sign in using the password you created.

4. If you have any issues or questions refer them to Sports Performance staff.

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