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Chief of Staff for the President

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Athletics Office

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Annually or as required

Last Review:

April 2023

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The NCAA has established a set maximum number of contests or dates of competition in which a team or individual may participate. Yearly schedules for each sport shall be submitted to the Athletics Director and Compliance Officer for approval.

Maximum Number of Contests / Playing Dates per NCAA
Baseball50 contests
Basketball26 contests
Golf21 dates of competition
Soccer18 contests, 5 dates of competition
Softball56 contests
STUNT16 dates of competition
Tennis25 dates overall, 7 individual/doubles tournaments
Volleyball26 dates, 4 dates of competition

Conference schedules will be determined by the conference and respective coaches committee. Non-conference contests will be scheduled by the head coach with the approval of the Athletics Director. Final approval of all schedules is the responsibility of the Athletics Director.

The following should be considered when scheduling competitions:

  • Be knowledgeable of other sports schedules and avoid conflicts on home contests.
  • Consider transportation availability and cost when multiple teams are away at the same time.
  • Refer to the master schedule on the Athletics website.
  • The number of contests may be limited by the Athletics Director or respective Associate Athletics Director with sport oversight.

Regular season schedules shall not result in extended or excessive absences from classes. Most extended trips should be scheduled between semesters or during vacation periods.

If possible, head coaches should attempt to schedule to play at home for such all-campus events as Homecoming, Parent’s Day, etc.

The Compliance Officer will email faculty of each student-athlete who is in-season detailing the university class attendance policy and the dates in which the student-athlete will miss for a university sanctioned event. The Compliance Officer will email weekly reminders to the student-athletes’ professors throughout the semester.

The Athletics Department may limit the participation of any student-athlete who is in academic difficulty or misses classes for reasons not related to athletics participation (i.e., injury, illness, other extenuating circumstances). Such decisions may be made by the head coach and/or Athletics Director.

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