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Athletics Office

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Annually or as required

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May 2024

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The StMU Athletics Department offers numerous marketing, advertising and sponsorship opportunities to corporations and businesses both locally and nationally.

The Athletics Department works closely with StMU’s University Advancement Office to ensure that StMU Athletics does not approach a company that another department within the University is already soliciting. The Associate AD for External Operations must clear every company that is approached by our Athletics staff with final approval coming from the Director of Athletics.


All fundraising must be accounted for by federal law therefore all income must go directly through the Business Office for recording and depositing. Donations must not be made directly to employees through their personal accounts, such as bank or Venmo accounts. Examples of fundraising include working outside games, holding camps, selling products to generate revenue, car washes, dinners, etc. All fundraising efforts must be approved prior to the event by the Director of Athletics.

Employees may not solicit funds on behalf of any organization, other than an approved University organization, on University property unless prior written approval is received from the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Employees may not sell or solicit the sale of products on University property or on work time other than University approved products – the sale of which is part of the employee’s job duties or responsibilities.

Coaches and stuff must complete and submit the Fundraising Activity Requisition Form for pre-approval for any planned fundraising activities. This form is available for download on the Athletics portal on Gateway.

Rattler Nation

Rattler Nation is the official booster organization of St. Mary’s University Athletics Department.  The mission of Rattler Nation is to strengthen our athletics teams by encouraging support and participation from Rattlers everywhere to help lead our teams to victory. Rattler Nation unites people with a shared love for St. Mary’s and Rattler Athletics. 

Rattler Nation donors giving $200 or more during a fiscal year may receive complimentary admission into all St. Mary’s regular-season home athletics events (one free admission donor).

All donors will receive tax-deductible information specific to the amount of their donation.

Special Events

Throughout the school year the StMU Athletics Department hosts various special events including Athletic Alumni Events, Annual Buddy Meyer Athletics Golf Tournament, Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Banquet, and Athletics Banquet and Awards Ceremony. The Associate AD for External Operations, through whom prior approval must be sought, is the primary contact who is responsible for facilitating and supervising these events.

Game-Day and Halftime Entertainment

Game day and halftime entertainment, contests, or presentations must be approved by the Associate AD/Internal Operations. Scripts are provided to the PA announcer prior to the game. Additionally, in the event of youth teams playing at halftime or participating in team activities, liability waivers must be signed.


Rattler Man is the responsibility and property of the StMU Athletics Department. The Marketing/Communications Graduate Assistant, under the guidance of the Assistant AD for Marketing and Communications, is responsible for managing all Rattler Man appearances, both on and off campus.

Championship Trophies, Banners and Displays

Championship trophy cases, arena banners, and the Hall of Fame display are the responsibility of the Associate AD for External Operations and Director of Operations. Information and items are updated on a yearly basis, with assistance of Athletic Communications, and approval from the Facilities Department and the Director of Athletics.

Championship Rings

Team championship rings are purchased at the discretion of the coach in consultation with the Director of Athletics. StMU teams earning regional or national championships are able to order championship rings for their team. The cost of the rings is the responsibility of each individual team and should be anticipated and will be paid for by the individual sport budget.

For Individual Championships:

StMU student-athletes earning an individual conference, regional or national championship are able to order one championship ring. The cost of the rings is the responsibility of each individual team, should be anticipated, and will be paid for by the individual sport budget.

Rings must follow the approved design, as set forth by the Department of Athletics and University Marketing and Communications. Rings can only be purchased through Balfour in conjunction with Athletics administration.

Ring Costs:

**The following monetary limits are set forth by the NCAA:

  • Regional Championship Rings: $325/ring
  • National Championship Rings: $415/ring

Credit Card Payments and Transactions

To remain compliant, collecting payments at fundraising events and forwarding the deposit and necessary reports to General Accounting and/or the University Advancement Office must follow the following policy and procedures:

In order to make a donation via credit card, the donor must complete an “Authorization for Credit Card Use” form and submit to the Assistant AD for Administration and Business Operations who will submit to University Advancement for processing. In the event a donation or payment is made via check, all checks should be made payable to St. Mary’s University. An individual team or recipient of the donation/payment can be noted in the memo portion of the check.

Use of University Athletics Logos and Colors

Any use of StMU athletic logos must be approved by Associate AD for External Operations. Failure to do so could result in gear not being permissible and unable to be worn by student-athletes and coaches.

The official Rattler Athletics mark represents the University’s mascot, the rattlesnake. The image is both fierce and engaging, representing St. Mary’s traditions of excellence on and off the playing field. Its colors are primarily blue and gold in keeping with the institution’s colors. Versions of the mark can include the University’s name, the abbreviation StMU, and individual sports.


  • Athletic event promotions, such as posters, emails and programs
  • Web graphics on
  • Apparel and sports or fan merchandise
  • Communications for events related to athletics and fan activities


  • Official University correspondences unrelated to athletics
  • Academic purposes unrelated to athletics
  • Communications for institutional events, such as new student orientations or convocations
  • Communications unrelated to athletics or fan activities
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