Executive Council

Authorizes Release:

Chief of Staff for the President

Responsible Area:

Athletics Office

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

April 2023

Related Policies and Additional References:


The head coach is responsible for the total conduct of his or her sport program within the limits of authority defined by:

  • Philosophy of the Athletics Department
  • University and department policies and procedures
  • Rules and regulations of the conference in which St. Mary’s is a member of, the NCAA, and other appropriate sport governing bodies

All policies established by coaches shall be in the best interest of the student-athletes and shall be enforced without bias. All training rules and rules of conduct established by the coach shall be given to each team member in writing prior to the beginning of the season. The rules shall be discussed with the Athletics Director and/or the respective Associate Athletics Director with sport administrative oversight prior to team distribution. All rules shall be clearly stated and circumstances which result in the removal of the student-athlete from the sports program shall be specifically defined and not contrary to or more inclusive than the conditions specified for the removal of student-athletes from financial aid based on athletic ability. Language within team-specific rulebooks should be aligned with the Department of Athletics staff manual and student-athlete handbook. Due process shall be afforded to any student-athlete before aid is not renewed and/or his or her privileges to participate in the sport are defined.

All policies related to the mental or physical well-being of the student-athlete should be approved by the Director of Athletics and respective Associate Athletics Director with sport oversight, both of whom will work in conjunction with the Head Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach prior to being implemented. Under no circumstances may fluids be denied to student-athletes during training periods.

Workout, practice, and competition schedules should be given to the student-athletes at the earliest possible opportunity.

Control of the members of an athletics team during the season with respect to their membership on the team, their participation or non-participation in any part of any contest, and with respect to any other matter usually associated with such an athletic activity shall be entirely the responsibility of the coach of the sport. The coach will be responsible for the atmosphere and team chemistry created on and off the playing field or courts. The head coach must set the example for team members to follow. If conduct detrimental to the team occurs, it is also the head coach’s responsibility to immediately report that to the Director of Athletics and/or the respective Associate Athletics Director with sport oversight.

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