Executive Council

Authorizes Release:

Chief of Staff for the President

Responsible Area:

Athletics Office

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

August 2023

Related Policies and Additional References:


The following will outline the steps to be taken for the Renewal of a St. Mary’s University Athletics Grant:

  • The compliance officer prepares a blank athletics grant spreadsheet for the upcoming academic year.
  • The Head Coach is given the blank athletics grant spreadsheet and instructed to prepare athletic grant allocation for all continuing student-athletes.
  • The Head Coach emails the spreadsheet to the compliance officer and schedules meeting to discuss proposed athletics grant allocation for the upcoming year.
  • The compliance officer evaluates the spreadsheet to ensure proposed allocations of athletic grants are pursuant to all NCAA regulations regarding awarding athletics grants and no reductions are reflected in amount.
  • The compliance officer emails spreadsheet to Director of Financial Assistance to ensure renewal athletic grant amounts are pursuant to all institutional regulations regarding outside and institutional awards and awarding athletic grants.
  • A spreadsheet with renewal amounts is emailed to Head Coaches and Director of Financial Assistance for final confirmation.
  • Director of Financial Assistance creates Athletics Financial Aid Agreement (AFAA) for continuing student-athlete.
  • The AFAA is signed by the Director of Financial Assistance and the Athletics Director (or his/her designee).
  • Director of Financial Assistance emails AFAA to student-athlete with instructions to sign and return within seven (7) days of the issuance date.
  • A copy of the sent AFAA is filed electronically in team AFAA folder on internal drive within Athletics Department.
  • When AFAA is returned, a copy is filed electronically in team AFAA folder on internal drive within the Athletics Department.
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