Executive Council

Authorizes Release:

Chief of Staff for the President

Responsible Area:

Athletics Office

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

August 2023

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Student-athletes must be notified in writing if his/her athletic aid is either reduced or not renewed for the following year by July 1. The student is entitled to a prompt appeal hearing before the institution’s financial aid committee if the student does not agree with the decision. The student-athlete submits a request to the director of financial assistance for a hearing before the financial aid appeals committee.

A student who wishes to appeal any decisions related to his/her athletics financial aid shall submit a written request that includes:

  • The student’s name, ID number, and sport;
  • Type and amount of previous aid;
  • Reasons for believing that the decision was unfair, including names of institutional staff members (coaches, faculty counselors, etc.) with whom the student has discussed the aid;
  • Copies of any relevant documents.

The student should submit these materials to the Director of Financial Assistance within 15 days after the student has received notification from the Director that the athletics related aid is either reduced or canceled. The student may request an in-person hearing before the financial aid appeals committee. The appeal is reviewed by the financial aid appeals committee, and its decision is final.

A hearing is scheduled, and the student-athlete, coach, and director of athletics are notified of the time and place. The director of financial assistance and compliance officer review the request and submit comments to all concerned parties. Each side presents its arguments to the financial aid appeals committee. Within 10 days, the financial aid appeals committee reaches a decision and sends it in writing to each party. The committee’s decision is final.

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