Executive Council

Authorizes Release:

Chief of Staff for the President

Responsible Area:

Athletics Office

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

August 2023

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St. Mary’s University has made the commitment to operate and support a Division II athletics program. Along with this commitment is the pledge that the program is administered and operated with the highest level of integrity, respect and regard for all rules and regulations that govern its operation. It is every coach and staff member’s responsibility to operate his/her program in full compliance with all NCAA, Conference and institutional rules and regulations. Ignorance of these regulations cannot be used as an excuse for failure to comply.

All coaches – including part-time coaches, graduate assistants and volunteers – must complete the NCAA mandated coaching modules by Aug. 1 of each year. Coaches and staff members have an affirmative duty to the following: Knowledge of all NCAA and Conference (if applicable) regulations and policies including but not limited to, recruiting, eligibility, amateur status and sporting behavior, as well as all rules interpretations, observance of all NCAA and Conference (if applicable) regulations and St. Mary’s policies; self-reporting of all known or potential violations to the Compliance Officer or the Athletics Director; full cooperation with NCAA, Conference (if applicable) and St. Mary’s in all investigations and provision of any of these entities with truthful and complete information concerning involvement in or knowledge of any violation of NCAA, Conference (if applicable) and regulations.

General Requirements

Per Bylaw 11.1.6 in the NCAA Division II Manual, each head coach and all other coaches who are employed full time at an institution shall maintain current certification in First Aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automatic external defibrillator (AED) use. This certification is verified through the Compliance office annually.

In compliance with NCAA regulations, each student-athlete is required to attend an initial squad meeting to review content from the StMU Student-Athlete Handbook, applicable required NCAA bylaws, complete required institutional, and NCAA forms. These meetings will be held prior to the first day of practice and will be scheduled at the discretion of the Associate AD/Internal Operations. All NCAA required Compliance Forms must be signed in person or online through the NCAA Compliance Forms portal in order to participate in outside competition or practice.

Any student-athlete who has not attended the initial squad meeting, and/or signed all required paperwork, will not be eligible to practice or compete.

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