Board of Trustees

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Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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Academic Affairs

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

October 2019

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None Tenure Clock Extension

Extensions of the six year deadline for obtaining tenure (see section for full-time faculty are subject to the following conditions: Automatic Extensions

Upon notice provided in section, a full time faculty member is entitled to an automatic one-year extension of the probationary period in the event that faculty member takes an approved leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act (see, Family and Medical Leave Act) for eight consecutive weeks or more due to the following:

  1. the birth of the employee’s child;
  2. the placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care;
  3. to care for the employee’s spouse, child or their own parent who has a serious health condition;
  4. A serious health condition rendering the employee unable to perform his or her job. Discretionary Extensions

Upon recommendation of the dean for the faculty member, the Vice President of Academic Affairs may in the exercise of reasonable discretion grant a one year extension of the deadline for the faculty member to obtain for tenure:

(a) in cases where the approved Family and Medical Leave is less than 8 consecutive weeks, or

(b) for circumstances that significantly impede progress toward tenure, such as extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the faculty member. For both automatic and discretionary extensions of the probationary period, the faculty member must submit a written request to his/her Dean upon the earlier to occur of:

(a) one month after the qualifying event or circumstance, or

(b) the tenure application deadline during the faculty members’ sixth year for full-time employment (February 1).

If the Dean has not been notified in this manner, the deadline for obtaining tenure remains unchanged.  Upon the recommendation of the appropriate Dean, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs approves or disapproves any request for a discretionary extension. Extensions of the deadline for obtaining tenure will normally be limited to a total of two years. A faculty member who is granted an extension of the deadline for obtaining tenure will be permitted to apply for tenure pursuant to 2.7.2. Tenure candidates who have been granted an extension of the deadline will be reviewed under the same academic standards as a candidate who has not had an extension.

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