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Undergraduate students returning to St. Mary’s after being placed on academic suspension must follow the alternate readmission process and deadlines provided in this policy. The alternate process and deadlines allow time for a more thorough review of a student’s application to return, financial aid eligibility, progress toward degree completion and assessment of any other outstanding University obligations.

Note: The process and deadlines for readmission of all other students returning to St. Mary’s do not require the same review process and accommodates accepting a student’s application to return as late as the Friday prior to the start of a semester

Application deadlines for returning to St. Mary’s after being placed on academic suspension

(If the date falls on a weekend, applications will be accepted the next business day.)

  • Fall Semester – July 1
  • Spring Semester – December 1
  • Summer Semester – April 1

Steps to be completed for readmission after academic suspension

  1. Complete and submit the Suspension Readmission Application Form
    (Submit the form to the Office of the Registrar by the applicable deadline noted above.)
  1. Complete and submit an Appeal Letter
    (Submit the letter to the Office of the Registrar by the applicable deadline noted above.)

The appeal letter should include:

  • An explanation of the extraordinary circumstances that led to the academic difficulties and any additional pertinent information.
  • The steps the student will take to significantly improve one’s academic performance upon return to St. Mary’s.
  • The student’s assessment of academic goals and plans for degree completion.
  1. Clear all account holds
    To be readmitted after academic suspension, one must have no holds on University records. (Note: Some examples of holds that would block reinstatement and class registration include; past-due account balances, accounts in collections-status and unresolved disciplinary issues.)
  1. Check financial aid status and eligibility
    (Note: Academic probation or suspension is a separate process from financial aid probation or suspension.)

    To receive financial aid funding, the student must contact the Office of Financial Assistance to verify financial aid status and eligibility for receiving aid for the semester the student wishes to be reinstated. The Office of Financial Assistance will verify with the Office of the Registrar that the student completed this step.

Next steps

Once the Suspension Readmission Application Form and Appeal Letter are submitted to the Office of the Registrar, the Registrar will provide the documents, along with academic records, transcripts and other pertinent information, to the respective academic school’s or college’s associate dean.

The associate dean consults, as needed, with representatives from the:

  • Office of the Registrar
  • Office of Academic Advising
  • Office of Student Retention
  • Office of the Dean of Students

The associate dean reviews and considers the readmission application in its entirety and makes a recommendation as to the appropriateness of “extraordinary circumstances” related to the student’s readmission. Recommendations for readmission require mandatory participation in support services which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Enrollment in pre-defined coursework
  • Reduction of the number of hours allowed for enrollment
  • Regular meetings with a representative from the Office of Academic Advising
  • Participation in academic support services such as those offered through the Rattler Success Center, Office of Student Retention, etc.

Readmission will be probationary with an expectation that the student meets all Academic Standing and Progression Policy requirements. The student must meet with their academic school’s or college’s associate dean for their final admission status and conditions that must be addressed as determined by that associate dean.

The Office of the Registrar confirms the completion of steps 2 and 3 before making the change of status proposed by the associate dean.

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