Executive Council

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Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Responsible Area:

Academic Affairs

Review Cycle:

Annually or as required

Last Review:

January 2024

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As St. Mary’s University seeks new international partnerships to grow international student recruitment and expand the institution’s international reach, a uniformed policy that governs undergraduate and graduate student populations is necessary. This policy – the Policy for International Agency Contracts and International University MOUs – will be housed in the Office of the Provost with advisement and collaborations with the Director of International Admission. 

International Agency Contracts

An international agent is defined as a person or company contracted by St. Mary’s University to assist with recruitment of international students. One standard contract will be drafted and utilized for all new contracted agencies. Any current agency contract will continue until the agreed upon date of renewal. A commission will be paid to the agency equal to 10% of the published tuition rate for the international student’s first year of academic study at St. Mary’s University. The student must be enrolled full-time and must meet all financial obligations to St. Mary’s University prior to the commission payment. These terms and expectations will be stated in the agency contract. The Provost’s Office maintains an approved budget for agent commissions. 

Enrollment Management staff will research, contact and vet new international agencies; propose new contracts to the Office of the Provost; review contracts with new agencies; serve as the primary liaison with contracted international agencies; and facilitate commission payment communication between the agency and St. Mary’s finance office.

International University MOUs

An international university MOU is defined as an academic agreement between two higher education institutions that agree to recognize and accept department and university degree requirements for credits. Common MOUs may include, but are not limited to 2 + 2, 3 + 1 or 3 + 2 agreements. The purpose of an MOU is to provide students the opportunity to transfer completed credits between two universities so they can experience studies in another country, complete their degree on time, and expand their academic profile. A standard university MOU will be adopted and used by all St. Mary’s University undergraduate and graduate academic programs that seek partnerships with universities outside the U.S.

International students applying from partner universities under a current MOU agreement will follow regular application processes and provide all required documentation with the application. Qualified undergraduate applicants who meet the admission and English proficiency requirements set by St. Mary’s University may receive an academic scholarship to be used towards tuition.

Scholarship support for international undergraduate, graduate, and law students studying at St. Mary’s University under the auspices of an international university MOU may be available. The terms for such arrangements will be stipulated in the MOU and reviewed through the normal MOU approval process. Board of Trustee approval of international university MOUs is not required unless the proposed agreement carries, in the judgment of the president, significant financial or operational implications for university.

While the degree requirements of each department may vary, the main goal and purpose of St. Mary’s is to grow and maintain global cross-country partnerships that will benefit the university as a whole and expand its international reach.

Enrollment Management staff will provide guidance to program directors, deans and the Provost on international university MOUs; facilitate conversations between St. Mary’s and interested international universities; maintain communication with responsible parties at each institution; and incorporate such MOUs into overall international recruitment plans.

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