Services at Other Law Schools

Graduates seeking opportunities outside the San Antonio area may want to take advantage of reciprocity from other law schools. This is a system by which the OCS requests the career services office of another law school to grant St. Mary’s students and graduates access to that school’s resources. Reciprocity is requested and granted on an individual basis. Each law school has its own reciprocity policies regarding what it offers to someone from another law school. Therefore, if you want reciprocity with a particular law school, make sure to review that school’s policies.

Some special restrictions to consider:

  • Reciprocity is closed during Fall recruiting (August to November)
  • Length of access varies from school to school (e.g., one visit, one month)
  • Access to resources (e.g., some allow online access to current job postings and others do not, most do not allow a meeting with counselor)
  • Please allow two weeks for our office to process your request and receive a response from the other school
  • Reciprocity is granted on one to one basis, therefore limiting the number of students schools can send to each other.

Reciprocity is a valuable favor from another law school. Therefore, if you are requesting reciprocity:

  • Ask only if you definitely need and will definitely use, hopefully to the maximum, the resources available to you at the other law school
  • Request reciprocity when you are ready to use it. There is a clock on your reciprocity to the other law school. Reciprocity starts on the letter’s mailing/receipt date. Once expired, you must reapply.

Click here to request reciprocity with another school. Please email Alicia Mendoza if you would like our office to request reciprocity with another law school’s career services office on your behalf.