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September 2021

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Mission Statements for University Entities – St. Mary’s Colleges, Schools, Centers, Departments, Offices, Programs, etc.

The St. Mary’s University Bylaws, Article 2 establishes the general purpose and mission of the University.

2.2 Mission Statement

St. Mary’s University, as a Catholic Marianist University, fosters the formation of people in faith and educates leaders for the common good through community, integrated liberal arts and professional education, and academic excellence.

Our mission statement incorporates the Characteristics of Marianist Universities. There are five elements that characterize the Marianist approach to education: educate for formation in faith; provide an excellent education; educate in the family spirit; educate for service, justice and peace; and educate for adaptation and change.

St. Mary’s University and all of its entities – colleges, schools, centers, departments, offices, programs, etc. – are guided by this mission statement. Units, such as St. Mary’s colleges and schools, that require supporting statements for accreditation purposes must be consistent with the principles in the St. Mary’s mission and support the purpose as stated in the St. Mary’s Bylaws, Article 2.1(b).

(b) The specific purpose of the University is general education and the advancement of learning in service of truth. In the pursuit of truth, the University is committed to the Catholic vision of the human person and pursues human questions from this fundamental perspective, respectfully engaging views from other faith traditions or no faith tradition. The University is guided by the rich Catholic and Marianist Tradition, which holds that both faith and reason are mutually reliable guides in this pursuit of truth.

More precisely, it is the purpose of the University to see that its operations shall be conducted in such a manner that the University is implementing to the fullest degree possible the MISSION OF THE UNIVERSITY as set forth below and is making full use of the unique skills and the dedication of the members of the Society of Mary, Province of the United States.

It is also the responsibility of the University to see that the Marianist heritage and tradition is continuously integrated with the operations of the University and that the University maintains its rich identity as a Catholic University in line with the signature document: Characteristics of Marianist Universities.

The mission statements of units requiring them for accreditation purposes become effective only after receiving approval by the St. Mary’s Executive Council. All other entities – colleges, schools, centers, departments, offices, programs, etc. – not required to provide supporting statements for accreditation may not develop mission statements. Instead, they should develop statements of purpose, which must include the following:

  • a description of the broad purposes the unit is aiming to achieve;
  • the general activities the unit engages in related to those purposes;
  • the community and stakeholders the unit is designed to serve; and
  • the values and principles that guide the unit’s purposes and activities, which must be expressly aligned with the principles of St. Mary’s mission purpose (St. Mary’s Bylaws, Article 2.1(b)).
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