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Vice President for Administration and Finance

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Facilities Services

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Annually or as required

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March 2021

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The purpose of this document is to describe the responsibility and procedures for handling oily rags.


Rags are used by maintenance personnel in Automotive, Skill Craft, and Central Plant. The oil residue on the rags requires special handling, cleaning, and disposal to minimize the introduction of the oil components into the water system.


This document applies to the St. Mary’s Facilities Services (Automotive, Skilled Craft, and Central Plant).


  • WHEN: One day out of the week. The uniform service provider will exchange the oily rags with clean rags.
  • HOW OFTEN: Frequency of exchange is weekly.
  • WHERE: The Grounds Shop is the location for the exchange of oily rage with the clean ones.
  • Inspection procedure: The auto shop will collect the oily rags from each division and have a count of each division to return the same amount.
  • Each division will have the same amount of rags (100).
  • Each division will have one contact person to exchange the oily rags with the clean ones.
  • Rags with heavy (saturated) oil shall be treated as an oil filter; allowed to drip into used oil container and disposed in same manner as used oil filters.
  • Storage procedure: The oily rags should be stored in a container that has a self-containing lid. The lid should be able to open with a foot control and hand control.   The container to be used will be similar to Grainger part # 2AX55.
  • Each container should be labeled with “Used Oily Rags” or “Universal Waste” and include the accumulation start date.


The Ground Division/Automotive shop shall be responsible for the collection and distribution of the rags for the three divisions for which this procedure is applicable.


All personnel responsible for the requirements of this procedure have been trained on this procedure.

Record Keeping

Record all invoices in a log. The log should include dates and counts of any rags that are being exchanged. The log must be signed by the Grounds Manager or designated representative. Records will be maintained and filed in the Facilities Services Office for a minimum of 30 years.

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