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March 2021

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The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure to service, maintain, and dispose of waste solvents from the parts cleaner.


The parts cleaner (Gray mills product, Model # EC-A, ser. # IEDT7-A-7, 3 gallons ≤ capacity ≤ 5 gallons) is located in the Automotive Department and used on a non-regular basis to clean grease from mechanical components from University equipment.


This document applies to the St. Mary’s University Facilities Department (Grounds/Automotive Division).


User Safety:

  • User should wear PPE when using parts cleaner to include: heavy PVC or butyl/viton gloves, apron and safety glasses.
  • The parts washer should be used outdoors in a well-ventilated area.


  • Parts washer will have a lid to prevent evaporation of the solution into atmosphere.
  • Parts washer will include a proper brush that is compatible with cleaning solution.
  • Parts washer will include a drip-dry container to prevent contamination of solvent to other surfaces.


  • Service provider will remove the used solution and replace with clean solvent.
  • Frequency is quarterly.
  • The service provider that has the date, amount of solution, and a work order number or invoice number to reference any other information related to service and disposal will provide disposal manifest.


Grounds/Automotive Department is responsible for maintaining serviceability and scheduling the servicing of the parts cleaner (disposal and replenishment of cleaning solution).


All personnel using the parts cleaner or having responsibility to schedule the servicing of the parts cleaner shall have been trained on this procedure.

Record Keeping

Servicing / Disposal records will be maintained and filed in the Facilities Services Office, per University Record Retention Policy.

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