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March 2021

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The purpose of this document is to describe the process and safety procedures for the pickup and transport of the medical waste containers from the Student Health Center (SHC), Biology Department, and three Athletics areas, to the Facilities Chemical Storage building, and provide documentation for Chain of Custody of this transfer.


Personnel responsible for picking up the waste containers are to secure the bags and lid of the container (tub or box) to the transport vehicle to ensure that the contents will not spill during transport. Straps or duct tape can be used but should not deform the container. The container is to be marked with the department from where it originated.

  • The container must not be filled to a point where the lid cannot be properly closed and secured. If the container is overfilled, it is the responsibility of the department that generated the waste to reallocate the waste into proper containers that can be properly closed and secure. Housekeeping pickup personnel are not to handle the medical waste inside the containers or transport containers that are overfilled.
  • Sharps containers are to be sealed and placed inside the red plastic Biohazard tub containers.
  • Each container is to be labeled. Labels can be obtained by direct order from Stericycle.
  • The number of containers received from each department shall be documented on this form.

Pick-up Schedule

  • Disposal Service (Stericycle) is contracted to pick up Medical Waste from St. Mary’s quarterly: March, June, September, and December.
  • Housekeeping is to contact and pick-up the medical waste from each department (Student Health Center, Biology, and Athletics) no later than the day prior the scheduled Stericycle pickup.
  • Stericycle contacts St. Mary’s at least 24 hours before the scheduled pick up to ensure that either the Housekeeping Superintendent or designated represented is available to sign the Disposal Transport Manifest.

Note: Medical Waste Transport Form available in the Administration and Finance Office.

Record Keeping

This form and the Transport Manifests from the Disposal Service (Stericycle) will be maintained and filed for each pickup cycle in the Administration and Finance Office, per St. Mary’s Retention Policy.

Available in the Administration and Finance Office:
Appendix A: Medical Waste Transport Label

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