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Vice President for Administration and Finance

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Facilities Services

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Annually or as required

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June 2020

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The purpose of this document is to describe the access control, safety rules, procedures, and training requirements when working in the Greenhouse.


The Greenhouse is considered a workshop of the Facilities Services and therefore has restricted access to authorized persons only. The Greenhouse is to be used for University approved programs and not for personal use. Training is required before access and use of the Greenhouse.


This document applies to the St. Mary’s Facilities Services and applicable University community personnel.


Due to safety issues, the Greenhouse is to be kept locked during non-work hours. Access to the Greenhouse is limited to Facilities personnel. Access to the Greenhouse can be given to University community personnel by trained Facilities personnel other than the Greenhouse Manager, provided the Greenhouse Manager is notified.

Greenhouse Safety Rules and Procedures shall be posted in the Greenhouse and enforced by Facilities personnel or other members of the University community that have been “trained and approved”. Staff and visitors must understand and comply with the following rules and warnings:

  • Do not remove anything from the Greenhouse.
  • Use caution: chemical use area.
  • Wash hands after leaving Greenhouse.
  • Move carefully due to slippery and wet surfaces.
  • Do not turn equipment on or off or attempt to adjust settings without specific authorization.
  • Do not attempt to move anything or adjust settings without specific authorization.
  • Do not lean on the tables since tables may be dirty or wet and will soil your clothing.
  • Due to slippery surfaces, avoid wearing leather sole shoes in the Greenhouse.
  • Wear slip resistant shoes when working in the Greenhouse.
  • Care needs to be taken to protect from electrical shock due to watering in the presence of electrical power outlets and devices.

All guests to the Greenhouse must be accompanied by a person who has been “trained and approved” by the Greenhouse Manager. The “trained and approved’ person is responsible for supervision and activities in the Greenhouse and enforcement of the safety rules and practices.


The Greenhouse Manager is responsible:

  • Control Greenhouse access to only Facilities personnel that have been trained on the Greenhouse Safety Rules and Procedures

Note: Emergency access may be made by contacting the University Police, who in turn will contact the after-hours Grounds contact person.


All Facilities staff will receive annual training in the safety rules and procedures for the Greenhouse.

Record Keeping

Record of all training and certification will be maintained and filed in the Facilities Services Office for a minimum of 30 yrs.

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