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Facilities Services

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March 2021

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The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure to manage the trash and recycle containers.


St. Mary’s University has 5 containers on campus. This includes two compactors/dumpsters and two dumpsters for trash disposal, and one compactor/dumpster for recycle products:

  • Trash: Two compactors with ozone generator/interlock system at the University Center and Outback; one open-top dumpster at Parking Lot F; and one front load dumpster at the Center for Legal and Social Justice (CLSJ).
  • Recycle: One 42 CY compactor/dumpster at the Facilities Compound.

The University has established recycle programs to encourage recycling of materials that have been recovered or diverted from a non-hazardous waste stream and to minimize solid waste impact to the environment.


This document applies to the St. Mary’s University Facilities Department (Grounds Division) and the University departments responsible for ensuring proper disposal of the waste per dumpster classification.

Reference Documents

  • Waste Management of Texas per contract Solid Waste Collection and Transportation Agreement.


Trash and recycle dumpsters are serviced by Waste Management of Texas per contract Solid Waste Collection and Transportation Agreement. This agreement provides for the pickup schedule.

Acceptable and unacceptable materials are defined in Section 5.01 of the service agreement.

Acceptable materials

Waste materials that are non-hazardous putrescible and non-putrescible solid waste and recyclable materials.

Unacceptable materials

Radioactive, volatile, corrosive, flammable, explosive, biomedical, infectious, bio-hazardous, toxic or hazardous waste material defined by local, state or federal regulations; Special Waste such as animal carcasses, industrial process waste, ACM, petroleum contaminated soils, treated or decharacterized waste, demolition debris; and unusual accumulation

  • Animal Carcasses will be handled as special waste and will require a waste profile and approval by Waste Management before disposal. Waste Management will provide a special dumpster to dispose of animal carcasses upon request.
  • Construction/demolition debris or other controlled wastes will be managed by project contract agreement for proper disposal in authorized landfill.
  • Unusual Accumulation means waste outside the container for collection in excess of the volumes permitted by this agreement and is disposal is at the discretion of Waste Management.


Facilities Department Front Office manages the requirements contained within the agreement and is responsible to schedule any special dumpster pickups that are outside the frequency schedule of the agreement.

Facilities Department Grounds Division is responsible to notify the Facilities Department Front Office as soon as practicable of any issues regarding the dumpsters, the fulfillment of the agreement, and for special pickup requests.


All personnel responsible for the requirements of this procedure shall have been trained on this procedure.

Record Keeping

All records generated to comply with this procedure will be maintained and filed in the Facilities Department Front Office per Record Retention Policy.

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