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Academic Year

Degree Requirements

Political Science (30hrs)

Course # Course Title Hours
Core Curriculum (24hrs):
PO6300Scope of Political Science3
PO6307Civil Rights & the Law3
PO6316Political Philosophy & Community3
PO6362Political Leadership3
Electives (18hrs):
PO6301Public Administration & Policy3
PO6302Public Policy & Process*3
PO6303Urban Political Institutions & Processes*3
PO6304Topics in American & State Governments3
PO6305Civil & Political Engagement *3
PO6306Topics in Public Law3
PO6308Topics In Political Theory3
PO6314Topics in Political & Community Leadership3
PO6319Topics in Non-Profits Management3
PO6345Business, Government & the Public3
PO6352US Latino/Latina Politics*3
PO6354Campaign & Advocacy3
PO6358Gender Politics*3
PO6364Public Policy Conflict Resolution*3
PO7300Directed Readings3
PO7302Leadership & Organizational Culture*3
PO7303Ethics & Public Sector*3
PO7306Urban Economics Development3
PO7307Local Politics & Public Conflict Resolution3
CM7311Media Script Writing3
CM7332Public Relations Writing & Campaigns3
EN7332Persuasive Writing3
EN7344Discoursive Analysis: Words & Actions3
PS7367Survey Methods3
*Highly recommended
Total hours30

Department Courses and Descriptions

Department Courses and Descriptions
PO 6300 Scope of Political Science (Replaces PO Research Methods) (3)
This course addresses the various approaches that political scientists use to study and discuss political life. In addition, one of the aims of the course is to make the student a more sophisticated designer and consumer of political research methods, using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

PO 6301 Public Administration and Policy (same as PA 6301) (3)
A survey of the field or public administration and public policy including politics and the policy process, organization theory, management principles, human resources management, fiscal policy, program design and evaluation, and ethics.

PO 6302 Public Policy and Processes (same as PA 6302) (3)
A survey of the field of public administration and public policy including politics and the policy process, organization theory, management principles, human resources management, fiscal policy, program design and evaluation, and ethics.

PO 6303 Urban Political Institutions and Processes (same as PA 6301) (3)
A study of power, conflict, and consensus in the urban political arena. Includes a survey of the research sources and methods of research in urban politics. Trends in urban political representation, decision-making, and service delivery.

PO 6304 Topics in American and State Governments (3)
Study of one of a broad range of topics including political parties & interest groups, and local, regional and state political systems.

PO 6305 Civic & Political Engagement (Replaces American Political Institutions) (3)
This course focuses on one of the most critical components in a democracy: public participation. The seminar reviews the range of participatory opportunities and activities available in American society. The course also explores the root causal individual, social and institutional forces that encourage some and discourage others from participating in some forms of American politics.

PO 6306 Topics in Public Law (3)

PO 6307 Civil Rights & the Law (Replaces Public and Constitutional Law) (3)
This course examines and analyzes the central issues and case law dealing with civil rights in American politics. Throughout the course, the concepts of equality, as well as legal and social justice, will be addressed.

PO 6308 Topics in Political Theory (3)

PO 6314 Topics in Political & Community Leadership (Replaces Topics in Political Behavior) (3)
Study of one of a broad range of topics including grassroots organizing, community organizations, race relations, and ethics.

PO 6316 Political Philosophy & Community (Replaces Great Political Thinkers) (3)
A purpose of this course is to inquire into a variety of visions of what constitutes the "good life" and how the "good life" can be constructed. This inquiry includes an examination of the roles of the common good by political philosophers. An important aspect of each vision is the role assigned to men and women in society. This seminar will cover most of the primary philosophers of Western political thought.

PO 6319 Non-Profit Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship (same as PA 6319) (3)
A survey of the main body of literature in the non-profit field. Topics may include mission design, budgeting, fiscal management, organizational design, human resource policies, legal issues, and ethics.

PO 6345 Business, Government and the Public (same as PA 6345) (3)
A study of business as a political actor and its relationship with governmental and other non-governmental political actors. Specific policy areas to be analyzed may include work place safety and health, economic and industrial, environmental, consumer affairs, taxing and banking. A consideration of Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. economy may be included.

PO 6352 U.S. Latino/Latina Politics (3)
Examination of the central issues arising in U.S. cities with significant Latino populations, as well as urbanization issues of the U.S.-Mexican border.

PO 6354 Campaigns & Advocacy (Replaces Campaign Management) (3)
This course presents an overview of the functioning of a political campaign, including the campaign organization, use of the media, fundraising, and field operations. The course also addresses the skills and tools necessary for effective advocacy and lobbying of various public policies in the political arena.

PO 6358 Gender Politics (3)
This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the relationship between gender and politics. Topics include:the role of women in politics, women as candidates, officeholders and voters, gender differences in attitudes and beliefs, and issues that have particular relevance to women, i.e. gender discrimination and equal rights.

PO 6362 Political Leadership (New Course) (3)
This course examines leadership theories, models, and practices as they relate to effective and meaningful leadership in the political arena.

PO 6364 Public Policy Conflict Resolution (New Course) (3)
This course examines the sources of public policy conflicts, ways of resolving and transforming conflict into constructive change, and the leadership competencies, skills and tools associated with effectively meeting this challenge.

PO 7300 Directed Readings (3)

PO 7302 Leadership and Organizational Culture (same as PA 7302) (3)
This is a course that offers a comprehensive study of organizations and how different types of organizations affect the nature and style of leadership. The environment, structure and culture of public, non-profit and private sector organizations and leadership will be compared and contrasted. The purpose of this course is to give the future public leader insight and understanding into the differences and similarities of the organizations that comprise public life and affect public policy.

PO 7303 Ethics and Public Service (same as PA 7303) (3)
This course engages the student in thinking systematically about morals and conduct and making judgments about right and wrong as a public official. Three primary questions are addressed:1) What counts? 2) What is at stake? 3) How can public officials ensure professional success and ethical survival?

PO 7306 Urban Economic Development (same as PA 7306) (3)
This course is designed to introduce the student to the rationale behind the development and growth of cities. This course will begin with a discussion of the origins of cities and what function they play in society and culminate with an explanation of the intricacies of the politics underlying why cities take the physical form that they do.

PO 9301 Internship in Political and Community Leadership (3)
Credit is awarded for work with an elected or appointed official at the national, state, or local level, or with a political and/or community-based political organization. The Director and the student coordinate the internship. The Intern is expected to keep a weekly log of his or her activities (20 hours per week) and prepares at least one research paper based upon special projects assigned during the internship. The course may be repeated for a total of 6 hours.

CM 7311 Media Script Writing (3)
Explores various approaches and conventions of film, television, motion picture and audio visual script writing, with special emphasis on narrative and documentary production.

CM 7332 Public Relations Writing and Campaigns (3)
The study, analysis and application of principles of and formats used in public relations communication to consumers. Participants learn how to collect, prepare and distribute information through the mass media, reports , and other forms of public information campaigns. Additionally, the course offers experience in the preparation and execution of campaign strategies, presentation of position papers, and scenarios to work out realistic and efficient solutions to communication and public relations problems.

EN 7332 Persuasive Writing (3)
Based on the analysis of classic and contemporary approaches to persuasive writing, the student will learn to develop strong and convincing arguments. Writing intensive course.

EN 7344 Discourse Analysis: Words and Actions (3)
This course introduces students to the exploration of key theories and methods of discourse analysis in regard to both spoken discourse (talk) and written discourse (text). This course familiarizes students with the ways in which language helps communicate personal, social, and cultural meanings in a wide variety of texts and talk. The course has a particular focus on the relationship between the work words do and the power relationship inherent in communicative relationships.

PS 7367 Survey Development (3)
This course covers theories, methods and procedures for conducting survey research in business. Topics include designing a survey instrument, planning a survey research study, and basic survey analysis techniques. Sampling issues will be addressed. Prerequisites: PS 6381, PS 6385

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