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School Dean

Tanuja Singh, D.B.A. tsingh@stmarytx.edu


Finance and Quantitative Management

Department Chair

Monica J. Parzinger, Ph.D. mparzinger@stmarytx.edu

Description of Program/Major

Financial services involve comprehensive planning for the accumulation, conservation and transfer of personal wealth, and the provision of insurance, investment and banking services. Risk management is the identification, evaluation and reduction of risk of loss to an organization's physical and financial resources. Financial services/risk management is a people-oriented career that requires excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with individuals and in groups.

Individuals who enjoy using analytical skills, making decisions and explaining decision outcomes to others should consider this major. Additionally, students who enjoy working with people, are challenged by continuous learning requirements, and have a strong commitment to career advancement will benefit from a financial services/risk management career path at St. Mary's University.

Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum (SMC)
St. Mary's University Core (30 Hours)
All St. Mary's Core SMC13## "Reflection" courses must be completed before registering for SMC23## "Practice" courses. "Reflection" courses can be taken in any order followed by "Practice" courses in any order.
SMC 1301Foundations of Civilization3
SMC 1311Foundations of Reflection: Self (Formerly PL 1310)3
SMC 1312Foundations of Reflection: Nature3
SMC 1313Foundations of Reflection: Others3
SMC 1314Foundations of Reflection: God (Formerly TH 2301)3
SMC 2301Foundations of Practice: Ethics (Formerly PL 2332)3
SMC 2302Foundations of Practice: Civic Engagement and Social Action3
SMC 2303Foundations of Practice: Fine Arts and Creative Process (Formerly FA 1101, FA 1102, FA 1103)3
SMC 2304Foundations of Practice: Literature3
SMC 4301Capstone Seminar: Prospects for Community and Civilization3

School Specific Core (SSC)
Bill Greehey School of Business School Specific Core (21 Hours)

Social SciencesEC 2301, EC 23026
Composition and Rhetoric
(grade of "C" or better)
EN 1311, EN 1313 (for international students)3
Literature EN 23XX3
Mathematics MT 1305 Finite Math3
TheologyAdvanced Theology 33XX3
SpeechMN 3320 Business Communications3

Bill Greehey School of Business School Common Body of Business Knowledge (42 Hours)

AC 2310Introduction to Accounting I3
AC 2320Introduction to Accounting II3
AC 3331*Accounting Information Systems3
BA 1310Fundamentals of Business Enterprise3
BA 3351*Legal Environment of Business3
BA 4334*Business Ethics3
BA 4380*Business Policy and Strategy3
FN 3310*Corporate Finance3
IB 3321*US Business in Interdependent World3
MT 1306Calculus for Business3
MK 3310*Principles of Marketing3
MN 3330*Organizational Behavior3
QM 3320*Business Statistics3
QM 4330*Operations Management3
*Junior Standing

Four Year Degree Plan

Department Courses and Descriptions

Department Courses and Descriptions
FN 3310 Corporate Finance (3)
Introduction to analytical financial management. Emphasis placed on the sources, uses, and cost of short, intermediate, and long term funds; capital budgeting; leverage; cost of capital; management of working capital; and financial statement analysis. (Fall, Spring) Prerequisites: AC 2320, EC 2301, EC 2303, MT 1305, and MT 1306.

FN 3330 Financial Institutions (3)
Review of operations of financial intermediaries including banks, savings institutions, and insurance companies. Principles of money and credit; review of central banking and monetary policies, both national and international. (Fall;Spring) Prerequisites: AC 2320, EC 2301 and EC 2303.

FN 3340 Risk Management (3)
Analysis of risk management concepts and techniques, with emphasis on property-liability risks facing the business firm. Fundamentals of insurance economics, law, and regulation. Examination of major business insurance coverages including property, liability, business interruption, crime, and transportation. (Fall; Spring).

FN 4100 Special Studies in Finance (1)
A study of selected topics in Finance. Specific subject indicated each time the course is offered. May be used as elective credit and repeated when specific subject changes. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

FN 4200 Special Studies in Finance (2)
A study of selected topics in Finance. Specific subject indicated each time the course is offered. May be used as elective credit and repeated when specific subject changes. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

FN 4300 Special Studies in Finance (3)
A study of selected topics in Finance. Specific subject indicated each time the course is offered. May be used as elective credit and repeated when specific subject changes. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

FN 4310 Intermediate Corporate Finance (3)
This course will build on Corporate Finance (FN 3310) and will introduce the student to basic elements of finance theory. In particular, emphasis will be placed on dividend policy theories, corporate structure theories, and real options. While the emphasis is on the theoretical aspects of corporate finance, the students will also be exposed to applications of theory in a practical corporate finance environment. Prerequisite: FN 3310

FN 4320 Investments I (3)
The quantitative and qualitative analysis of stock, bonds, and derivative securities such as futures and options. Quantitative analyses including valuation models and strategy design. Review of securities markets: functions and operations. (Fall & Spring) Prerequisite: FN 3310.

FN 4330 (Beginning and Advanced) Student Managed Portfolio (3)
Application of portfolio management theories through the active participation in an asset management team assigned the responsibility of attaining a reasonable rate of return commensurate with acceptable risk levels. Investment decisions are further guided by the investment policy guidelines of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The U.S. Catholic bishops have high lighted seven key themes that embody Catholic social thought and social teaching. Stewardship of investment resources is covered by ob jectives that are framed by these themes. (Spring & Fall)Prerequisites: FN 4320, and permission of the instructor.

FN 4350 International Finance (3)
The course addresses the historical, institutional, and empirical aspects of the foreign exchange market, the eurocurrency market and the international bond market. The managerial implementation of international financial instruments in global oriented business organizations is stressed. (Fall & Spring) Prerequisites: FN 3310 and IB 3321.

FN 4360 Financial Counseling (3)
Analysis and application of the financial planning process for executives and small business owners. Emphasis on life and health insurance, annuities, social security, and real estate investments; developing client data; fundamentals of estate planning and taxation relating to insurance, investments and estates. (Fall).

FN 4375 Internship in Finance (3)
The opportunity to gain knowledge through experiential activities in professional life. Prerequisites: A minimum overall GPA of 2.8, successful completion of FN 3310, completion or concurrent enrollment in a finance major course. Pass/No Pass credit is given. (Fall; Spring; Summer)

FN 4380 Employee Benefits Management (3)
Analysis of objectives, techniques, and markets for employee benefit plans. Examination of group life and health insurance coverages, social security, and retirement planning, including pension and profit sharing plan management. (Fall,Spring) Concurrent enrollment or successful completion of BA 3325 or HR 3370 or MN 3330

FN 4390 Seminar in Finance (3)
Advanced analyses of recent developments in financial and/or investment theory, and in quantitative and qualitative techniques for risk management and financial planning decisions. A seminar approach is used to provide a high degree of student-instructor interaction. (Spring) Prerequisite: Senior standing. Finance majors only.

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