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Finding Peace Through Yoga

by Daniel Cedillo (Class of 2015)

Honor the body. Raise consciousness. Embody prayer.

For Terri Boggess, Ph.D. (pictured right), yoga is the avenue for self-awareness and giving thanks. As Chair of the Exercise and Sport Science Department, she wants her students to experience something similar.

Image of Terri Boggess leading a yoga class at St. Mary's“Students’ lives are crazy,” Boggess (B.A. ’74) said. “If I can find peace within myself, I want that for my students.”

Boggess called on licensed physical therapist and yoga instructor Nydia Darby to lead a class called “Living Yoga,” a course that is primarily taken by Exercise and Sport Science majors, many of whom are also student-athletes.

“Nydia’s goal is all about functional movement,” said Boggess. “Students learn some anatomy and biomechanics, but, more importantly, they experience a connection of the mind, body, soul and spirit.”

Boggess’ and Darby’s shared goal is to help student-athletes become one with their bodies.

“You’d think athletes are the most in-tune with their bodies,” Boggess explained. “But athletes have been trained since day one to ignore pain. We’re trying to raise their level of consciousness.”

Boggess is also a Marianist Educational Associate (MEA), and she lives the Marianist charism in her daily work. For Boggess, yoga is one of the most profound ways she can do so. She recently offered a recreational class for faculty and staff focused on one of yoga’s central concepts: unity.

“It’s not just about learning yoga and meditation,” she said. “It’s about using yoga as a means for gratitude, building community and prayer.”


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