About the Camp

  • In 2020, this camp will be held entirely online.

Monday, June 29 – Thursday, July 2, 2020
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (online with breaks throughout)
Cost: $200
Deadline for Applications: June 19, 2020

Limited to 20 campers.

Software: You cannot see, hear, or touch it, but it is the driving force behind any electronic device you use, from smartphones and computer games to televisions and cars. Without software, none of these electronic devices would be useful.

St. Mary’s University will offer a four-day camp for seventh- through 11th-graders that will teach them the basics behind computer software development.

Campers will learn about:

  • Coding with Python
  • Machine learning
  • Coding for games
  • Cybersecurity and Mobile Apps

Campers will need:

  • a personal computer or laptop with a browser and Internet access and able to run Zoom
  • access to email to get links and files
  • ability to type by already knowing where the keys are on the keyboard


Claudia Araiza
Administrative Coordinator, Computer Science Department

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