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Jun 18 2014
Cheryl Oldham

Wanted: Educated Workforce

by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) As vice president of education policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Cheryl Oldham (J.D. ’93) influences U.S. education policy on behalf of the nation’s business interests from her office in Washington,…

Jun 18 2014
Jason Valendy

Methodist Minister, Marianist Twist

by Andrew Festa As a teenager, Jason Valendy (B.A. ’04) considered pursuing a career in ministry. His only stumbling block was a doozy: He didn’t particularly like “church.” The way he saw it, learning about the Son…

Jun 18 2014
Richard Bauer with a student using a computer

Beating the Market

by Katherine Benavides (B.A.’13) It seemed like the odds were against Finance Professors Richard Bauer, Ph.D., and Adrian Cowan, Ph.D. In the fall of 2007, when the University approved a $1-million student-managed investment portfolio, the economy  was…

Jun 18 2014
StMU Faculty Colin McQuillan

Bland and Disinterested

Philosophy prof looks at differences in aesthetic values between Chinese and Western art by Candy Kuebker (B.A. ’78) Aesthetics is an area of philosophy that examines the creation and appreciation of art and beauty. But what’s a…

Jun 18 2014
A conventional photograph of a page from the Jubilees palimpsest, which was first written in the 150s B.C. but erased and written over in the eighth century. Notice the barely detectable text behind the black ink.

New Technology Unmasks Ancient Scriptural Manuscripts

by Carmel Tajonera What if ancient religious manuscripts once thought to be lost weren’t lost at all? Professor Todd Hanneken, Ph.D., is the first scholar to combine two existing imaging technologies in order to “see” handwritten text…

Jun 18 2014
Charles Merkel

Mr. Globetrotter

Alum has traveled to nearly 150 countries. Top that. by Gina Farrell (M.P.A.’11) Charles Merkel’s lifelong fascination — some might call it an obsession — with travel can be traced back to a Christmas gift he received…

Jun 18 2014
Gabriel Sanchez, Ph.D.

Politics, Race and Numbers

St. Mary’s alum is in the thick of the public debate about how changing Hispanic demographics are influencing policy and politics in the U.S. by Gina Farrell (M.P.A. ’11) Let me start by tossing a few numbers…

Jun 5 2014
Carlie and Charles

St. Mary’s graduates promote ties between the U.S. and Japan

by Anndria Flores (B.A. ’12) St. Mary’s graduates, Carlie Mathews (B.A. ’14) and Charles Lopez (B.A. ’14) have been accepted to the Japanese Exchange Teaching (JET) Program, which aims at promoting ties between Japan and other countries…

Jun 4 2014
Susan Oxley

Chemicals by Design

by Chris Jarvis Susan Oxley, Ph.D., doesn’t mince words when explaining chemistry’s place in the world. “You can be a doctor and help thousands of people, or you can be a chemist and help millions,” Oxley said,…

Jun 4 2014

Alum Represents America to the World, One Person at a Time

by Nicolette Good Being a Foreign Service Officer means representing the United States abroad for diplomatic purposes. But Anne Claire Andaya-Nauts (M.A. ’06) knows it’s much more than that. Today, Andaya-Nauts is the Vice Consul at the…

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